It was finally back to class  and back to work on the party boys.  And back to the knowledge that I have quite a bit to learn.  Still having trouble with the faces so once again, the teacher came to the rescue.

One lesson learned today:  Don’t paint pictures of anyone in your family.  You know what they look like.  They know what they look like.  They know that you know.  So if it doesn’t quite look like them…you got problems.   In fact, right now I HATE THIS PAINTING.  Partly because I feel like I didn’t really do it.  But also because my poor nephews & my brother don’t look right and I don’t know how to fix them.   If it was just a painting of 3 guys I didn’t know, well then, who cares.

I will see if I can finish it next week.  Hopefully my nephews and brother will eventually forgive me.