the-party-boys-go-home-3-1-09It’s done.

The party boys and their hats finally went home (with me).

Everyone had a comment about the hats.  I like them.  Especially because  when the boys took the picture, it was FOR ME, to wish me a happy birthday.  So the hats stayed.  And I’m glad they did.

After making groucho marx eyebrows on them and then having to take them off  (yes Bill, it can be done in watercolor) and very tentatively putting darks in to, as my teacher says, spark it up.  And after struggling with skin tones.  “Use some cerulean blue”  REALLY?  Blue?  On their faces?  Yes. And it worked.  So did yellow and alizarin crimson and raw sienna.

Who knew?  Someone did.  And now I do.  I learned a lot from painting this.