May I be so bold as to consider that I am working on the third of a series, like my blog-o-sphere friend Bill when he did three paintings of leaves?  I am doing a “season series”.  I did the snowy trees, then autum leaves and now that it’s cold and dark and rainy in NYC I started working on a beach scene from St. Croix where my friend Bonnie lives.

I like the beach.   My sister-in-law lives just a few houses off the beach in Rockaway Park, Queens.  I love when we are all invited down for a beach day.  Living on the beach, they know how to do it right.  There’s chairs and umbrellas and food and drink.  We can stay all day into the early evening and as the sun goes down and the day trippers go home we sit and relax and watch the waves break over the sand and the scary seagulls fly a little too close to me.   And since she lives so close, when we leave we just walk up to the boardwalk, down a few houses and we can shower and clean up in no time.  (And there’s usually a BBQ that follows – YUM!)

I also like the beach in the Caribbean.   With the beautiful clear blue water, white sand, and palm trees I can almost relax.   Maybe I should go more often.   Practice makes perfect.

This painting still has the frisket, or masking fluid on it.  The rocks on the side of the the scene need more work and when I finally take the frisket off I hope that it will look like a wave crashing over the rock.    If not then I guess I better purchase a ticket to St. Croix and do more research.   Maybe even a plein air painting.