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Mountains 10-12-2013

Mountain exercise that I did once before here: .  Wet in wet and lots of fun.

Annie the Beagle mix

Rescued today and brought to her forever home in New Hampshire by my friends Rob and Diane.

Audrey and Roberta – two kittens rescued last weekend by my friend Judy


Anyone who knows me knows I’m really not a puppies and kittens and rainbows and unicorns kinda person.  But this weekend I got to meet and love Audrey and Roberta the kittens and Annie the puppy.  What a weekend!

No rainbows, but what country has a unicorn as its national animal?  Nicola?  Can you answer that for us?

This particular buzzfeed article made me laugh.  6 castles that cost less than NYC apartments

Again, if you see an ad on this post, it’s not cause I agreed to it.  Grrrr.  Wordpress!

The mountains were a wet in wet technique I did with Joan of the famed subway series.  When I need to get back to basics I know where to go.

(The answer is Scotland.)

A wonderful class with Joan had us practicing wet-in-wet technique.  And flowers.  We practiced flowers, cause really, who doesn’t love flowers.

Well, ok.  My mom didn’t like flowers.  She complained that they didn’t last long and then you threw them out.  This was the same woman who (when visiting a nursery with my brother-in-law and his partner who is a landscape architect and knows everything this is to know about all things flowers) pointed to a dandelion and said “I like those.”   To be fair, she was born and raised in Manhattan.  What did she know?

I’m a big flower fan.  (And a big flour fan.)

But I digress….Back to the wet in wet technique.  We wet the arches paper with a hake brush, and laid down a background leaving a white area.   Once dry we wet the paper again and then painted in the flowers.  And so on.  Until we had something we liked. If the flowers look a little familiar, I took some inspiration from the poppies and larkspur painting I had recently finished.   It was a similar technique that I used for my mountains a while back.

Each of the above paintings is 9″ x 6″ on Arches 140# cold press paper.

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