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Two Steeples, part deux  approx 19″ x 22″ on 140# Arches cold press

I have been suffering from a touch of ennui  which, as Merriam-Webster defines, is a feeling of weariness or dissatisfaction.  Synonyms include: blahs, doldrums, boredom, listlessness, restlessness, tedium, weariness. When I get ennui I also usual get malaise, which is defined as a generalized feeling of discomfort, illness, or lack of well-being.  And now I also have a cold.

Party girl in the house!

I find that ennui and malaise are excellent words, but I think my favorite is schadenfreude defined as “taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.”   It’s a German word.  Hmmmmm.

I like vocabulary.  I do not like math.  Doesn’t matter much as I can no longer remember what I was just going to say anyway.

Haven’t been painting lately…a quick trip to LA, then I helped my brother who does not read my blog act as a tour guide for some friends visiting NYC (those lovely lasses from Leeds) then I was in a “decoupage under glass” frenzy to get pieces ready for the arts council holiday show (forgot to take pictures of them) and now here we are.  Whew!

The above painting is a watercolor I did using a reference photo taken from the roof of my building.  I painted it here too.  I like sections of both.  In this one, however, I wonder what natural disaster caused the apartment building in the right side background to merge through the building of the 2nd steeple. It looks like the apartment building intersected the church, the church grew wings and now it’s about to take off.  It’s not.  Sigh.

I know it’s a bit early, but just in case I don’t post again until after Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a good one.  Thanks for visiting.

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