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Pulitzer fountain - urban sketcheing 9-28-2013Pulitzer Statue, NYC

I started Saturday meeting the NYC Urban Sketchers at the Pulitzer Fountain which is in front of the Plaza Hotel and Central Park.  We then moved to the entrance of the Central Park Zoo.  We didn’t go in, but sat on some benches and sketched there.  I left shortly after that to meet Jana Bouc, a fellow blogger who I only know from blogland.  She was visiting NYC with her friend Micaela Marsden another artist and urban sketcher. We met by the Conservatory Water (which I erroneously told her was called Conservatory Pond.)  Jana is as Northern Californian as I am a New Yorker.  Tall, lithe and lovely we had a wonderful time.

After chatting, sketching, and wandering the park, Jana, Micaela and I got on the subway to go downtown.  They wanted to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. We got on the Lexington Ave. express.  It was packed, but Micaela and I were lucky enough to get a seat.  Jana was standing.  As the doors closed we heard the familiar sound of someone asking for money. The man standing next to Jana gave the guy a dollar.

And then the unthinkable happened…Jana talked to the dollar-giving guy.

I was astounded.   Jana asked him if he always gives money to people begging on the subway or does he evaluate the story first and then give. The man told Jana he gives out of love and because he always gives money he gets money back.  Now he has a lot of money.  Jana then asked what he did?  His reply?  He sold da ganja.

Yep,  He sold marijuana.

Weed, Mary Jane, Waccy tobaccy. Chronic.  Grass.   He has a daughter that’s with her mother now, but he may try and get her back.  He also asked Jana what month she was born in.  She told him and he said that she was part of the tribe of Joshua.  What tribe is that?  Where is that in the bible?   Mr. Chronic said it was in the LOST BOOKS of the Bible.  Oh.  We finally got to the Brooklyn Bridge stop where Micaela, Jana and I got off and Jana’s new best friend hoped that God blessed her and continued on.

I CANNOT tell you how amused I was and Jana, I hope you don’t mind me telling that story.  I had a great time with you and Micaela and hope you visit again soon.

Here’s an article about that New York accent:  “In a really good New York conversation more than one person is talking a lot of the time”

And we weren’t kicked out!

This past Sunday Matt and I were off to The Plaza “to celebrate Julianna Margulies, actress, Marc Platt  producer of  the Broadway musical Wicked and the new movie NINE) and 25 years of New York Stage and Film at the Winter Gala at The Plaza Hotel on Sunday, December 13.”

My sister Alice is on the board of directors of New York Stage and Film. (Alice is the overachiever in the family!)   She asked if I would donate an original watercolor for the charity auction, to which I replied “of course!”   I surreptitiously took this photo during the cocktail hour with my phone camera. Not the best photo, but I was too fascinated with the amount of make-up the women had on, the height of the heels (really, how do they walk on those things?), and mostly, the amount of “work” some people had done.

(If you want to see a better picture of the Snowy Trees please go here:

At the end of the evening while we were picking up our swag (who doesn’t love swag?)  my sister saw the gentleman who bid and won my painting. She told me he looked THRILLED to have won it.   That was thrilling for me to hear!

Now, about the event…stars, schmars.  I’ve seen my fair share and must say I am probably a jaded New Yorker.  I couldn’t care less about seeing “Stars” except for the above mentioned fixation on how much make-up they have on or how much “work” they have had.   I would have been more excited to meet  Stephen Colbert (I LOVE HIM!), but I would be remiss in my reporting duties if I didn’t tell you who was there.  So here’s a list of some of the celebs at the Gala.

Christine Baransky (I love her!)
Terry Kinney who lives up the block from us
You know what amazed me the most????  It cost $65.00 to park the car!

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