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Central Park Duck 12-16-12
Central Park Duck (work in progress) on 1/4 sheet of 140 # Arches cold press

Another animal painting?  What’s up with that?  I’m getting soft!  Next thing you know it will be kittens and puppies!

I was looking down on this duck in a pond in Central Park watching the water swirl around it with the autumn leaves that had dropped down from the trees. This was the duck I was watching right before those raccoons popped out of the drainage pipe (see previous post).   Many of the leaves were under water and the water was much darker.  I decided to brighten it up a bit.   We all need some brightness right now.

We in NY and NJ are still getting over the impact from Superstorm Sandy and now this horrific event in Newtown CT.   I can’t even talk about it.  Hug your children, hug your nieces and nephews and hug your loved ones.  I’m sending a virtual hug to all of you.

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