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I was so enchanted by Leslie’s people that I decided to give it a try too.   They were fun and came out ok, until I added a background. How many people do you know who are as tall as a building?   Clearly I need more practice in the people department.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m really not that interested in doing portraits or paintings of figures.  I have come to the conclusion that it’s because I am surrounded by a crush of people all day long.  I am pushed and pulled and squeezed and pressed on the subway.  (And not in a good way.) I have people calling me and coming to see me at work all day long.  And then when I go outside for lunch the streets are packed with people.

Today I was accosted by no less than 4 people in less than one block.   ASPCA: Do I care about animals? Greenpeace: Would I want to sign a petition. Gulf Oil Spill: Can I help?  I don’t remember what the 4th one was but all I wanted to do was get a sandwich and go back to my office. Give a girl a break!

A number of years ago (before caller ID) a friend and her family moved to a new town.  It seemed like every night the phone rang during dinner.  It was always a telemarketer.  And every night her patient husband answered the phone and politely listened.  Finally one night, the phone rang, as usual her husband answered and politely listened.  She grabbed the phone and yelled “we’re not interested” and slammed the phone down.  Her husband leveled a cool gaze at her and said “that was the pastor of the church we just joined.”   Oops.

I did the figures above which looked ok.   I needed to practice more.

So I did.

I did this one next.  Which I liked much better.  Only thing, you can’t see the person off to the side about to ask this person to sign a petition for Greenpeace.


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