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My cousins just returned from another wonderful trip to Pula, Croatia.   I can’t wait to go back there.  It got me to remembering my visit there and going through old photos.

Croatian woman 8-18-2013Croatian woman 1/4 sheet of Arches 140# cold press

Croatian woman 8-11-2013

I liked this woman who was carrying greens from the field.  It reminded me of a recent NYTimes article I read called “The Island where people forget to die.”   It’s a story about a Greek American who was diagnosed with lung cancer in his 60’s, decides to move back to the Greek Isle of Ikaria where he came from and then proceeds to continue to live another 30 years or so. According to the article that was written in October, 2012 he was either 97 or 102!  One of the keys to his long life…napping.

I love to nap.   I wonder if I will live to be 102?  Oh wait,  you also have to exercise and eat a mostly plant-based diet.  Where does chocolate fit in?

I imagine this woman carrying the greens from the field to make salad, tea, or soup.   I’m also trying not to overpaint paintings.

It’s almost mid-August and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” has been named the “song of the summer.”  It’s a super catchy tune with misogynistic lyrics.    However, the always amusing Jimmy Fallon did a cleaned up version of the song with Robin Thicke and his band The Roots using classroom instruments.  It makes me laugh and laugh.   Enjoy:

Old Lady in Window, Rovingo /Rovinij Istria, Croatia – Watercolor  (work in progress) on 1/2 sheet of Arches 140# cold press

No joke.  We’ve had a roller-coaster of a week.  But first let me say thank you to all of my friends and family who wrote, called, emailed and texted asking how we were. We, luckily, are fine.

Our week started out with an earthquake.  Although not officially evacuated, when the building shook everyone ran outside. The last time the building shook like that it was on 9/11.  Interestingly, the people from California were the only ones who did NOT run outside.  They recognized it as an earthquake and stayed indoors.

I did NOT feel the earthquake as I had just run across the street to get some chocolate.  (NY Post Headline:  Woman finally saved by chocolate!)

The week continued with all the Hurricane Irene warnings.  The City took the unprecedented step of shutting down the entire subway system.  Never in my life has the subway system been completely shut down.  Clearly the end of the world was nigh.  There was also a mandatory evacuation of all “zone 1” areas. The hysteria was on.

A cynical  friend posted this.  I got the vodka and I’m a pro at complaining.  I’m still speculating about work on Monday.  Our illustrious mayor also just announced that City offices will be open tomorrow. When asked how workers will get to work he suggested we can take a cab. Don’t get me started.

We’ll see tomorrow morning when I go to the subway if I see the pink plastic that the City uses to let riders know that the station is closed.  (Thanks for the photo Judy!)

The water-color above is a work in progress.  I have so many amazing images from the beautiful country of Croatia which should keep me busy as long as the local natural disasters are kept at bay.  The image above is from Rovingo/Rovinij which is also called the “Venice of Istria” because of its beautiful port.  Many of the towns in Istria have two names.  An Italian name and its Croatian name.   Like Pola/Pula where we stayed with family during the beginning of our trip.  Croatia is an amazing and beautiful place and I can’t wait to return someday soon.

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