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30 minute drawing of Doryphoros (Javelin Carrier) by Polykleitos

While out walking our dogs during what seemed like a monsoon, Charlie and I had the following conversation:

CHARLIE: “You know that guy on The Office, Rainn Wilson ????”

CAROL: “Yes”

CHARLIE: “If I was walking with him now I would punch him.”

CAROL: ” What if your friend was Storm Field?  (Local weatherman)”   We both laughed.

A moment or two passes when Charlie says to me:

CHARLIE: From now on, I only want friends named “Moderate Temperatures” and “Low Humidity”.

See, it always pays to choose your friends wisely.

As part of my homework in the drawing class I’m taking with my sister and 18-year-old nephew (see previous post), we were asked to find a picture of an athlete and draw it.   I chose this Javelin Carrier.  The teacher asked us to keep the drawing to 30 minutes.  I didn’t quite get the twist in his torso, but the teacher and I were happy with the drawing.

After our monsoon rains I gave him an umbrella. (Lame, I know…but all I have is “Paint”.  I haven’t graduated to Photoshop yet.

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