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Cock-a-doodle rooster – watercolor on 140# Arches cold press. 9″ x 12″

Inspired by some of Susan’s beautiful chickens I decided to try one myself.   What is it about chickens, or in this case a rooster, that always inspires artists? I’m thinking it’s their cool feathers that come in many different colors. (Sorry Kung.)

I am not that familiar with domestic fowl or Gallus domesticus as we say in Latin. I mean, I’ve seen them.  I’ve eaten lots of them.  But I’ve never really looked closely at one.

I find birds overall to be strange creatures.  When they hatch they resemble the dinosaurs from which they are evolved. But they are good to eat. (Apologies to my vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian friends.)  I always imagine they will peck my eyes out.  Except for pigeons in NYC.  They all have a bad attitude and just expect you to get the hell out of their way.

I remember when my brother was little we saw some chickens.  That night we had chicken for dinner.  This was the first time he put the two together and suddenly didn’t want to eat his food.  Understandable.  I sometimes have those same issues.   And given the energy, I probably would become vegetarian.  But damn it, I’m anemic and sometimes I need a steak.

I feel like I finally crossed a line with this painting.  I was looser than usual, kept the colors transparent, made the darks from mixing prussian blue and burnt sienna.  And I left some white in a few spaces on the paper.  Finally,  I did everything I wanted to do in a painting.  And I think it worked out ok.   Didn’t mean to crow about it.  Cock a doodle do!

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