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Charlie, Rogue Administrator! Collage on foamboard

Red, I’ve been told, is my color.

It’s also the color of bureaucracy.  I know this, not only because I live it at work every day, but because of letters I read this weekend as my siblings and I were cleaning out mom’s papers & files that we still have in boxes.

Letter number one was from the Social Security Administration.  It was written in the 70’s to my father who had recently been hit by a truck and seriously injured. The letter requested an update on his condition, specifically if there were any changes that caused him to no longer be disabled…or blind.

The second letter was from my mom to Macy’s (and later to a news “action” reporter). My mother wrote requesting a refund in the amount of $84. 26 for drapes that had been returned.   Mom was unable to get any satisfaction and was so frustrated that she contacted the local news action reporter.   This action reporter managed to get my mom’s money back from Macy’s. And then Macy’s sent her a SECOND check for the same amount.  She was so honest that she tried to return the 2nd check and couldn’t.   Enter the news action reporter again to help her out.

Why do some things get mired in a morass of red tape?

Recently my friend and dog walking partner Charlie was told by someone where he works that he was a “ROGUE ADMINISTRATOR”.    He was told this by a person who is completely incompetent.  Charlie, who had enough of her, finally told her that she had to comply. She accused him of being a rogue administrator.  Charlie, who will NEVER let anything go until it’s been righted, requested that I do this collage of Charlie: Rogue Administrator!  He found some beer called Rogue which had some great labels and box art.  I used those, pictures of Charlie, excel spreadsheets, acrylic paint, bottle caps, clear packing tape and various other graphics to make the collage above. Charlie was thrilled with it and will place it on an easel in his office for all to see.

Perhaps the only thing the collage needs is some red tape affixed to it somewhere. Ok, it’s literal.  But this is what the customer ordered and that’s what I delivered.  He got no red tape from me.

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