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A recent study out of Sweden now shows that two cups of coffee a day helps to PREVENT strokes.  It wasn’t long ago that coffee wasn’t good for you.  Now it is.  I can’t keep up.  I’m still waiting for the day when they tell you cigarettes and french fries are good for you.   (I’ve quit the cigarettes and am trying to cut down on the fries.)

I remember one time many, many years ago when The Husband, The brother-in-law (the Husband’s brother) and I went to see an off, off Broadway show called “Smoking Newports and eating French Fries”.  We went to the show based on the title, cause really, how could it be bad?   It was so bad we walked out even before intermission.

The Husband drinks TONS of coffee.   He is the epitome of the cop drinking coffee stereotype.  He will make a pot of coffee in the morning, drink it all, go to work, drink more coffee and then come home and make coffee before he goes to bed.  I have MAYBE one cup of coffee in the morning.  Sometimes.

The best coffee EVER is to be found in the Caribbean, Central and South America.  Give me a cafe con leche any time!

I remember one time when the aforementioned brother-in-law was living in Seattle and came back for a visit.  He brought his own coffee.  It was right at the time when the whole West Coast coffee Starbucks snobbery was starting and I was HIGHLY insulted.  Really Jimmy!  I have never forgotten that!

So here’s to coffee!  I like mine with milk and sugar.  If I have a stroke I’m gonna be really pissed!

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