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christmas 2013Christmas in the ‘hood – Brooklyn, NY 2013

Seriously, another year has passed?  Geez.  I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday no matter which one(s) they celebrate.  Thanksgivingka, the solstice, Festivus for the rest of us, Christmas, Kwanza, whatever holiday does it for you may it be happy. May we all be healthy and creative in 2014.   And once again I’ll wish for world peace.  You never know, it just may happen.


Kaiya – 5 years old – May 2010

When I moved into my apartment it was located in a “transitional” neighborhood.  There was a corner bodega with bullet proof glass that did a brisk drug business.  Empty lots dotted local blocks.   And shady looking kids hung out on the corner.  It’s  NOW a very desirable location.

If there was any doubt at all that my neighborhood has experienced full-out gentrification (actually, there was no doubt; it happened years ago), this latest experience sealed the deal.

Time: Evening dog walk (approximately 9:45 pm)

Place: 4th Ave in front of McDonald’s

Situation: A man in a suit is complaining to two police officers that he walked up to the McDonald’s drive through window and the man wouldn’t sell him two cheeseburgers.  AND THEN, apparently the McDonald’s’ employee said something like “you people”  which caused Mr. Suit to feel he was being discriminated against.

Charlie and I were extremely amused by the whole exchange but when a SECOND police car came screaming down 4th Ave., lights and sirens blaring, made a U-turn and pulled up on the sidewalk in front of Mickey D’s  I looked at Charlie and said “THIS is the biggest thing happening in the 78 precinct tonight?”

Apparently it was.

Since Mr. whiny suit wearing yuppie didn’t have a license plate nailed to his ass and the drive-through window guy didn’t want to serve him, Mr. wswy CALLED THE POLICE?  Really?  The police?   And they showed up at the scene of “the crime”.  We were amused for days.  I would have given the employee a frosty glare and gone home.   Damn entitled yuppies.

Another way to tell your neighborhood is too gentrified?  When your dog’s bed looks more comfortable than yours. Here is a sketch of Kaiya, our 5-year-old Akita/Shepherd/Lab(?) rescue on her new bed which is “paprika” and black. Paprika? You bet!  That’s what the catalog said and I’m sticking to it!   She’s about 95 lbs, and is a great dog, is very loving, except when those really yappy dogs start with her (I’m talking to YOU, Mango)  or when she meets another Alpha female.  Oy!

Could be worse.  I could be trying to get two cheeseburgers from the drive-thru at  Micky D’s without a car!

GArages 090609

Tonight’s dog walk consisted of the following conversation:  I mentioned that I was watching a show on HBO called “Youth Knows No Pain” which was a documentary of sorts about America’s use of wrinkle reducing “cosmetics” and cosmetic surgery.    Why are we so obsessed with the way we look?  Let me tell you, some of those people in the show were downright scary.  Nipped, tucked, botoxed!  They were one step away from Joan Rivers or that woman that wants to look like a cat. And don’t even get me started about that woman that has had a bazillion surgeries so she can look like Barbie.  SHE WANTS TO LOOK LIKE A TOY!   At some point one has to learn to age gracefully and accept those wrinkles as a sign that one has been lucky enough to live long enough to get those wrinkles in the first place!  And, if you’re lucky, some knowledge to go with them. As I ranted, Charlie was more concerned about the fact that now he can’t remember things sometimes.   I asked if he would consider getting any sort of plastic surgery.  HA!  He said  since he wasn’t that great looking when he was younger he didn’t care that much about it now.  He continued that had he looked like Brad Pitt when he was in his 20’s and Jackie Gleason when he was in his 30’s he’d be concerned.

Continuing on we noticed yet another new nail salon called “Classy” was going to open.  We knew it was going to be called “Classy” as it said “Classy” in neon lights  right in the window.  As I wondered what it said about our society that our neighborhoods have two nail salons on every block but can’t seem to have health care for all of its citizens,  Charlie was more concerned that if “classy” was in neon, how could it be classy?  Wasn’t that sort of an oxymoron?

We need more to do.

I completed this painting of my sister’s garages.  (Yep, that’s right, plural. Who’s better than her?)  I had more fun with colors with this painting.  And I think I’m painting a little looser which I like.

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