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Rocky Mountain National Park - house 5-26-13Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado – Watercolor on a 1/2 sheet of Arches 140# coldpress.

The Husband continues to tell me that he wants to move out west.  West where?  New Jersey?

But no,  he’s talking West, West.   Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California West.  I say I’m not ready to move out West and what if no one out there likes me?  Like Marisa Tomei said to Joe Pesci in “My Cousin Vinny”  “oh yeah, you blend?”

I probably won’t blend.

The Husband laughs and tells me he will come back to NYC and visit occasionally.  He’d probably like this small house we saw in Rocky Mountain National Park. It seems nice and quiet for him. I need a little more action. Luckily, I check my spam folder occasionally.   For some reason besides sites to learn how to lose belly fat, increase the size of my man part and how to get low interest loans, I get a lot of dating sites.


  • eHarmony (run by Mormons, so I don’t think I’d get any dates here)
  • Zoosk  “find new flirts”.  I don’t even like the word Zoosk so I probably wouldn’t like anyone who’s on it.
  • Senior People Meet Dating (I’m already insulted)
  • Jdate – for Jews to meet Jews.  I doubt they’d want to meet a lapsed Catholic

The last date I had was before some of the newer analysts in my office were born. I don’t want to date.  Then I would have to be nice and pretend to care about someone I doubt I’d like. I’m very happy with The Husband and plus now he has TWO Titanium hips.  Now THAT’S a catch.

Since neither he nor I can retire yet the whole point is moot.  But it’s fun to talk about it.

The painting above was done from a reference photo we took while in Colorado in April.  It was very cold and there was quite a bit of snow.  But it really was beautiful and we saw tons of elk. Ok…maybe with a little time I could be convinced to move with the Husband. SOMEDAY. We’ll see.  I sketched the scene and then used a lot of masking fluid to save the white of the paper.  I then did the sky and the base snow.  As I painted I thought that I really wanted to save the whites and keep the feeling of cold and snow.  After painting the house I added a bit of green for the pine trees and then decided to stop.  Less is more.

Rocky Mountains Colorado April 2013Rocky Mountains, Colorado – Watercolor on 1/4 Arches  140 # cold press

Two weeks ago the Husband and I took a trip to Denver to attend the opening of Sense and Sensibility, The Musical at the Denver Center Theatre Company. My sister, Alice the overachiever, is co-producing this show and I am happy to report that the opening was a grand success and the reviews were all fabulous! (Yay Alice!)  The play is based on Jane Austen’s book and I was thrilled to see some people attend the show in full Regency costume.  Oh those Jane Austen people.  If you’re in the area, don’t miss it!

We also got to experience three, count ’em three, seasons in one week in Denver.  We arrived to a balmy mid-seventies day only to find the temperature drop dramatically and the wind pick up. And then it started to snow.   I wore my winter silks thermal underwear more that one week than the whole winter in NYC.  Ok,  that may have been too much information regarding my underwear, but still…baby it was cold outside.  It slowly warmed up again and we got outta there just in time.  Denver got three more feet of snow right after we left.

When not attending theatre openings we ventured out into the mountains and museums.  The day it snowed we went to the Denver Museum of Art and the Museum of Nature and Science.  We were also able to visit Rocky Mountain National Park and Red Rocks Amphitheatre where my brother who does not read my blog chose to do his imitation of Bono of U2 saying “this is Red Rocks” about three billion times.  My brother can say anything three billion times.  He always makes me laugh.

The mountains were spectacular so of course I wanted to paint them.  I decided to try a style I saw demo-ed at the Salmagundi Club.  The demo was by an artist named Joel Popadics.  He only does at a maximum three washes of color.  If you recall (and if you don’t you can read my previous blog post, I’ll wait for you.) I had taken a watercolor workshop with Antonio Masi who can do up to 60 or more washes of color on his paintings.

Boy was I confused.

I wanted to do this painting with fewer washes of color than I normally use, which I did, but ended up doing more than three.  (But not 60.)

The frigate bird I was working on is here.  I don’t remember if it is a “GRAND” or “MAGNIFICENT” frigate bird because I’m sure I was drifting as the naturalist in the Galápagos droned on and on talked about the different kinds of frigate birds. I almost said “frig it” to the painting, but it’s another learning opportunity.  Antonio Masi told us never to throw anything away.  We can go back and look at it later on and learn from it.

frigate 4-21-13

And for a  laugh here’s me with my Peruvian Hat and some shades I found somewhere between Denver and Boulder.  My brother who does not read my blog claims I look like someone looking for the medical marijuana store.   Dude!

Dude, where's my shades april 2013

Croatian market 3-10-13

Croatian Market –  Arches 140# coldpress

I’ve been away for a little while.  The Husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to the Galapagos.  (I was a child bride…LOL) Our anniversary isn’t until October, but we decided February would be a better time to be in South America.   The water was calmer and the critters were moving and mating.  We spent approximately 7 days on a 90 foot yacht.  (Yate in Spanish)  I kept telling everyone I was on a 20 foot yacht until the Husband finally corrected me.  He told me a 20 foot yacht is called a rowboat. Ok, I was never good at math.

We had a wonderful, magical time.  The Galapagos is one of those “trip of a lifetime” places!  We hiked each day, most times twice a day, and also snorkeled each day.  We saw giant tortoises and green sea turtles, land iguanas, marine iguanas, fur seals, sea lions, all sorts of fish, sharks and even a few Orcas.  I don’t know much about birds but we did hear about the 14 different species of finches in the Galapagos.  (I drifted when the naturalist was talking about them so I can’t tell you much.)  I prefer my birds to have blue feet like the blue footed boobies or big red balloons under their beaks like the male mating frigate birds.

The painting above is a work in progress from a Croatian Market from a trip two years ago. (It seems like yesterday.)  The woman reminds me of some of the older women in my family and the fruits and vegetables were gorgeous, yummy and plentiful.  I will go back and put in some darks in the spaces between the fruit and maybe delineate her face a little more.

More to come about the Galapagos, but in the meantime here are some photos and a link to my friend’s website who was with us on the trip.

Blue Footed Boobies doing a mating danceBlue footed booby doing a mating dance

????????Sleepy fur seal pup

Male frigate bird - in mating modeMale Frigate bird with the red mating balloon inflated to attract females

Sandy Sea Lion 2-22-2013Sandy Sea Lion

Sally hitchin a ride on a marine iguanaSally lightfoot crab hitches a ride on a marine iguana

And here’s the link to my friend Mary’s super duper website:

Central Park Duck 12-16-12
Central Park Duck (work in progress) on 1/4 sheet of 140 # Arches cold press

Another animal painting?  What’s up with that?  I’m getting soft!  Next thing you know it will be kittens and puppies!

I was looking down on this duck in a pond in Central Park watching the water swirl around it with the autumn leaves that had dropped down from the trees. This was the duck I was watching right before those raccoons popped out of the drainage pipe (see previous post).   Many of the leaves were under water and the water was much darker.  I decided to brighten it up a bit.   We all need some brightness right now.

We in NY and NJ are still getting over the impact from Superstorm Sandy and now this horrific event in Newtown CT.   I can’t even talk about it.  Hug your children, hug your nieces and nephews and hug your loved ones.  I’m sending a virtual hug to all of you.

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