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falling leaves 9-23-2013Falling leaves – watercolor on 9″x12″ 140# Arches coldpress

My brother who does not read my blog emailed me the story below.   He spends HOURS in his car commuting to and from his job each day and has seen many bizarre things while driving (sitting) in traffic on the LIE, the Cross Bronx Parking lot Expressway, the George Washington Bridge and many of the other terrible NYC roads.  My brother is one of the funniest people I know and is extremely talented and creative.  He really should be writing books or screenplays or TV shows.   Hey, anyone out there need a writer for a movie?   I got a guy for you.

So I’m sitting in traffic on the Harlem river drive rolling up towards the George Washington bridge.  I look over and the guy next to me is playing a trumpet in his car.

A trumpet?   That’s ODD I think.   Coincidentally I had my slide trombone with me so we engaged in an impromptu jam session.  Until traffic starting moving again, naturally.

The above painting was a fun experiment using leaves my friend Patricia collected in Connecticut and negative painting.   We painted with Joan Iaconnetti who I’ve mentioned before who is a wonderful teacher and painter of an underground/subway series which I love.  We chatted, laughed, ate organic apples from the farmers market, followed by yummy chocolate chip cookies.   We laid the leaves out in a pleasing design to get an idea as to how we wanted the image to look.   We then removed all the leaves but the first one and painted around the edges of the leaf.  We continued to do this with leaf after leaf.  We also made sure to go back and soften any hard edges we didn’t want.   Finally we went back while a leaf section was still wet to drop in some additional color around the edges of the leaves.   I had so much fun with this I will do a second one using an autumn color scheme.  Stay tuned.

Who knows where the time goes?    I have no new paintings to post and only this decoupage under glass plate to show so I am posting the contents of an email that my brother who does not read my blog (“mbwdnrmb”) sent to me.  I was so amused by it I thought I would share it.  Mbwdnrmb won’t know I posted it.  He doesn’t read my blog.  So there!

As I worked on my computer this morning, Dillon came up to me with a toy helicopter.  While spinning its tail rotor he asked me, “Daddy, what’s this for”?    I gave him the basic technical response stating that the main rotor provides lift and allows the helicopter to move up and down and forward and back where the tail rotor counter-acts the rotational force of the main rotor and stops the body of the helicopter from spinning.

The next words out of my mouth were these:
“And you know, if you’re ever in a gun battle with a helicopter, you can win by shooting its tail rotor off.
Any fan of 80’s action movies is well aware that even though the chopper may have men armed with fully automatic assault rifles, your years of training in Special Forces and the measly 9mm hand gun you have provides you with the skill and agility to avoid being shot and the ability to shoot the tail rotor off.”

With that, Dillon marched into the kitchen and said,

“Mommy…..did you know…. that you can win a gun battle with a helicopter if you shoot its tail rotor off”???

It didn’t go over big.

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