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In response to Richard’s lighthouse challenge, here is my painting of the Jupiter, Florida lighthouse done in pen and watercolor.

I must admit, I’ve been quite lethargic lately due to the heat. I forgot all about the lighthouse challenge and then had to paint it in a few hours. I mean, it’s not like he presented the challenge in APRIL or anything.

I used some pen for details which I don’t normally do, but I liked the way it came out. AND, I did NOT over work it.

What?  What’s up with that yellow brick road you ask?    No clue.

Nevertheless…go stop by Richard‘s and see what’s happening over there.

It’s the first day of summer and my sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday Alice!

I have always said, and will continue to say ad nauseum that she is such an over-achiever that she HAD to have her birthday on the first day of summer, aka, the longest day of the year.  Well longest in the northern hemisphere. MY birthday is cleverly hidden at the end of December….better for me to nap when it’s cold and dark.

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