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Long post - 2nd class 5-12-2014

 2nd figure drawing class at the ASL – David’s (the model) long pose 

My 2nd evening of classes at the Art Student’s League was last night.  (Boy am I tired at work today!)  Once again the format was to sketch some quick 2 and 5 minute poses just to capture the gesture and shapes.  Some of these are below.  I didn’t get a chance to take photos of all quick sketches, but you get the idea.

thumbnails 5-12-2014

I was also given home work to do a “gray-scale” (below).   I was pretty happy with it although I thought I was using Payne’s Gray and in fact I was using Perylene Green.  I realized I was using the green after a short while.   I think it’s because W & N now have those tubes of watercolor paint that are silver and you can’t read what color it is.  I need to write an irate letter to W & N’s marketing department and ask WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????

Professional Watercolor Tube, 14 ml, Antwerp BlueWho can read this tube of paint?  (NO ONE, THAT’S WHO!)

gray scale homework 5-12-2014

Finally, for no reason at all, here’s a picture my brother took of a guy running in the park.   His t-shirt says:

  • 50
  • Fat
  • Diabetic
  • Ahead of you50 fat diabetic ahead of you

I may need this shirt.

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