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La Puerta, Peru 14  1/4″  x 10  1/4″ – Arches 140 lb coldpress

Do you ever wonder what’s behind the doors of homes you see in your travels? I kept hoping that someone would open this door and come out…so I could see inside.   There were a number of houses like this on road out of Cusco on our way to the death hike to Saqsaywaman.  Unfortunately no one came out and invited me in.  Bummer. I guess everyone was out in the main square trying to sell tourists Peruvian crap.

I frequently look into people’s homes when I’m walking the dog.   One can’t help it.  Windows and doors are right on the street so it’s easy to see in. There is a door down the block that I always hope will open as I pass.  Whenever Charlie and I are walking the dogs and we see someone coming in or out of the door we try to look in. We are convinced a family of hoarders live there.   There’s tons of stuff piled up in that hallway.

On another note, here is a picture of the scarf I finally completed for my sister.  I started it in JFK waiting for the flight to Lima, Peru.   I finished it shortly after returning from Peru, but it kept curling at the edges so I had to block it.  Never having blocked a knitted piece before, I searched the interwebs and found a few options.  Here’s a picture of it while it was damp and pinned down waiting to dry. That didn’t work.  It still curled.

The technique that finally worked was pressing and steaming it.  It finally was flat, but unfortunately it was now about 11 feet long.


I gave it to her anyway and she loved it.  But the first day she had it she wore it to an Indian restaurant and got some sauce on it.   It now has to be washed.  I don’t know, but I suspect it will then have to be blocked again.  I’m guessing it will soon be 24 feet long.

I told my sister I would make her another one.

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