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I’m sick.

Sick, sick, sick.

Coughing, sneezing, wheezing, bronchial infection, sinus infection and low-grade fever.

I DESPISE being sick.

I have had more tea and soup than I can shake a stick at.  (That is such an odd expression.  Why would I want to shake a stick at tea and soup?  But you know what I mean.)  My nose is raw.  My ribcage hurts from coughing.  I have squirted saline solution up my nose.  (Yes, Alice, Robert talked me into it and I have finally irrigated my sinuses and it DID work.)  I have taken Tylenol, Advil, Musinex and my temperature.  I have breathed in steam both from a boiling hot shower and from a small humidifier.  I have gone through boxes of tissues.  I did NOT sleep a wink last night.  My voice sounds like I have smoked a carton of cigarettes and drank a fifth of bourbon.

I wanted to finish THE ROAD today in class, but there was no way I was leaving my bed, let alone my apartment.

I finally DID leave my bed, mostly out of sheer boredom.  And I finished my latest knitting project which is a small baby blanket pictured above.  Why am I posting if I’m so sick you ask?

My computer was on the verge of dying.  The husband and I got a new one and he hooked it up this weekend.  I wanted to see how much stuff I lost, if any, and I have to say that my husband did an amazing job.  I am not technically oriented.  I cried the first time I got a blackberry.  If it was up to me, my version of having a blog would be mimeographing sheets of paper and snail-mailing them to friends.

New computer-wise, there are a few things we either can’t find or don’t know how to load, but I think I will ask my genius friends Sara and Tony to come over.  It’s great having friends like them.  Besides being super-duper smart, they are always so kind as to help their “older” friend with all her techno problems.   They are the best.

Ok,  I’m happy to see my blog is still here.   Now if  I can only find my address book and old mail for my nyc.rr.account…

Now it’s back to bed for me.

December 28th is my birthday.  I am not 60.

If you are a regular reader you may remember that line from last year’s birthday when I wasn’t 60 either:

Last year I was in painting class working on a landscape from Istria.  This year I was visiting my two adorable little nephews Dean and Dillon (5 and 2 1/2 respectively). They are little germ incubators.   They coughed, wheezed, sneezed and almost barfed on me.

I love them.

The husband and I went to visit and give them their Christmas gifts. I’m sure we left with a cold, the regular flu, the swine flu, bronchitis, typhoid and possibly the Clap.  (OK, I’m sure if we got the Clap, it wasn’t from the nephews).  What is up with kids and germs?  They just spread them back and forth, from kid to kid.  As soon as they are old enough to go to school they are sick from September to June.   This is why I stay away from kids.  (Mr. Donald Mills has the right idea about anyone under the age of 21.) My niece Lizzy is a school teacher and she takes Airborne & EmergenC every day so she doesn’t get sick from her little germ-filled charges.  Licking a subway pole would probably spread less infection then spending a day with a 3-year-old.

OK, enough about germy kids, lets talk about me.

As I said, today is my birthday.  Feel free to send me a gift.   If  you will be mailing it,  may I suggest that anything valued over $100 should be insured.   My favorite color is jewelry.

The above painting is of a Japanese Maple path in front of my sister’s house.   They had some sort of Cootie lichen  stuff on them.  The trees line a lovely pebbled path going across my sister’s front lawn.  It is very Zen-like. This image is from the summer, and there was a blindingly bright shot of sunlight at the end of the path.  I saved the white of the paper for that.  When I was done with the painting, I went back with a bit of white gouache and hit some of the tree bark and some of the dappled light on the path, but still managed to keep that one section just the white of the paper.  I also used a wax resist for some of the dappled light on the path and the for the light between the leaves.

I wasn’t sure about the texture of the pebbled path.  I did NOT want to draw in all the pebbles, so I splattered and splashed and I think that worked in terms of texture.

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