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Flossie, the Tonkanese kitten.  Watercolor on 140# Arches cold press.  Approx. 9″ x 11″

I’m back from a quick trip to Jupiter (Florida, not the planet) to visit my Aunt. She is one good cook!   I thought I would have gained 5 lbs, but I didn’t, even with homemade cheesecake; pasta in a cream sauce; tomato, avocado & mozzarella salad drizzled with olive oil, barbecued steak… I could go on and on. I even taught her how to make cosmos and bought her all the ingredients and the proper martini glasses to drink them from.  The trip was fab and as it turns out, not fattening.  Yay!

While there it rained a lot so the Husband and I went to two movies. Which are two more movies than I’ve seen in the past few years. The first movie, The Avengers, was LOUD.  WHAT?   I said it was LOUD!   But I still managed to fall asleep in the beginning, so I have no idea why all of those super-heroes were assembled.  I snorted at some point and woke myself up.   The husband laughed.  Until HE started to drift off at some point in the middle of the movie when a loud explosion literally lifted him out of his seat.  I laughed.

It was also exciting to go to Publix, the GIANT grocery store where people actually helped you.   I asked one guy if he had something I couldn’t find on the shelf.  He was nice, said he would check and then actually came back to tell me they were out of the item but were getting more in tomorrow.  Who does that?  Where was I?

I told Charlie, my dog-walking buddy who moved to Maine, about how nice people were in Florida.  He said the people are so nice up there that when they invite you over to dinner they actually mean it.  But he doesn’t want to go to dinner.   I told them he could move back to NYC.  I’ve known him 23 years and never once invited him over for dinner.

The painting above is a watercolor of my brother-in-law’s new kitten Flossie.   She is teeny and very cute.

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