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Hello Sailor!   Which is what I always want to say to these boys and girls who are in town for Fleet Week.  I also want to break out into the Village People song “In the Navy”.   I’m sure they would think I was a kook.  It wouldn’t be the first time.

They stand out in their blindingly white uniforms against New Yorkers who are mostly clothed in the City’s official color of black.  (We are allowed, in the summer, to accent the black with white or gray and maybe just a soupçon of a different accent color for the more adventurous of us.)

Navy, Marines and Coast Guard personnel have taken to the streets to enjoy our fair city.  You can’t miss them due to the above mentioned blindingly white uniforms.  How do they keep them so white and clean and crisp?   It’s a mystery.

It’s also Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer.   Summer is not a season I am a fan of.  Too hot.  Too humid. Too sticky. Too smelly.  I already miss the polar vortex!!!!!


short poses 1

short poses 2


I completed this month’s classes of figure painting in watercolor at the Art Student’s League. This week we had a woman pose for us instead of a man. Unclothed, a bit chubby and bottom heavy.   What a difference from painting a muscular man in a tank top and shorts.  She was all curves.   It was great to have this change, to have to study her figure and her curves and (dare I say it) the flab in her belly and thighs.   Once again we started off with quick thumbnail sketches of just two minute poses or so. This time when I started the thumbnails I was told I was getting too fussy.  JUST PAINT THE SHAPES! Don’t outline, don’t draw. And then on to the longer poses. We sort of got cheated out of a 4th class because Monday is Memorial Day but the teacher, Naomi Campbell, will be back in September and so will I. In the meantime I found a figure drawing class (no instruction, but a model) close to my apartment, so I may continue there.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.   I am really looking forward to having 3 days off!  Enjoy and remember that Monday is also a day to remember the men and women who died while serving our country.



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