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Greenwich Street Garbage after the blizzard – 1/2 sheet 140 lb Arches cold press

Two weeks ago, The Husband took the car in for an oil change at Honda.   Turns out it was the most expensive oil change we ever got.

A salesman said our car was 10 years old but in good shape with low mileage and we could get a good deal on a trade-in.  The Husband walked out CONVINCED that we needed to trade in the 10 year old Pilot for a CRV!

Last week we went back so they could show me the car.   Like George Bush, I was THE DECIDER!    The guy almost lost the sale when I, while looking at the back seat and mentally sizing it up for my almost 100 lb dog, said to me “See, there’s plenty of room for your grandkids.”

WHAT!!!   My hands FLEW to my hips and I looked him straight in the eye and said, I DO NOT HAVE GRANDCHILDREN.   MONEY IS SO COMING OFF THE CAR.  Later when I found out he was 27 I said to him “I will give you two pieces of advice.  NEVER, EVER ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless you either see the head of the baby emerging from the birth canal or she tells you she’s pregnant.   AND NEVER ASSUME a woman is a grandmother.   You may ask if she has children, but don’t ever ASSUME she had grandkids”.  MORON (I added silently!)

After I got over myself, we went back to his desk and talked about the car and the pricing some more.   I didn’t want to tell him that all cars look alike to me.  A Honda and a Lexus.  A Kia and a Subaru.  The same to me.  Seriously.

I only had one request.   Heated seats for the winter.   My sister has heated seats and one never forgets how wonderful one’s freezing cold butt feels in the winter when all of a sudden it becomes warm and toasty.

After we ran the numbers, I, as bad cop, asked him if he could do better on the price.   He moaned, as they teach them in car salesman school and then said, “let me talk to the manager.”   He walked over and he and three other guys very animatedly looked at a computer screen and down at the salesman’s paperwork and back up at the screen.   I looked at The Husband and said, what do you think they are doing over there.  The Husband, in his usual dry tone said “Playing solitaire.”

We got a little more money off.   It was for the grandchildren comment.

Friday we go pick up our new Honda CRV at Bay Ridge HONDA.   Then we are supposed to meet friends for dinner in Bay Ridge.  The Husband actually said to me that he wanted to drive home, park the car in the lot and then take the subway back to Bay Ridge.   I gave him a frosty glare.   But my butt is toasty warm.

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