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Guggenheim 10-6-2013Guggenheim Museum visitors

Floral Wicker is the code phrase The Husband and I use when one of us, usually me, mishears something.  It started when Judy, Mary, The Husband and I were in Belize.  One of us said something, Judy thought we said “Floral Wicker” and we all collapsed laughing.

Well now the joke’s on me because I’m hearing more and more “Floral Wicker”. The Husband and I were driving yesterday and I heard the radio guy say Paul McCartney declared bankruptcy.  I yelled at the radio “Paul McCartney is a billionaire, how can he be bankrupt?”   The Husband told me it was Bacardi, not Paul McCartney that declared bankruptcy.  We laughed and laughed. Now today, I tried to look up Bacardi and bankruptcy and nothing, so maybe the joke was on the both of us.  And I still don’t know who they were talking about.  Jeez!

Here are some more leaves, this time in fall colors.  I know the calendar says it’s autumn, but it’s still hot.  Ugh!Fall leaves 10-5-2013

I finally finished the Guggenheim which I started here.  It didn’t come out the way I thought it would.  Insert sad emoticon here.

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