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I am not fond of flying.  I am not fond of a number of modes of transportation.  I also do not like enclosed spaces, crowds, wide open spaces, heights…the list goes on.

An internet buddy told me that as one gets older that part of the brain deteriorates.  He said that he used to have a fear of flying, but now he’s asleep even before take-off.  (I think it’s probably because he’s drunk.)  I also have anxiety.  Lots and lots of it.  This same person says that goes away with age too.  I’m still waiting.  Perhaps a spike in my frontal lobe will do the trick.  I once read a book about a guy who ended up with a railroad spike in his head.  He was fine.  Or seemed fine.  But it was realized that he couldn’t think about the future.  Or plan ahead.  Which would force that person to stay in the “now”.  This is a popular concept.  Most recently made even more popular by the Eckhart Tolle book  “The Power of Now”. I am not in the Now.  I am in the future, past, I’m bouncing all over the place.

The picture above is a collage called “Fear of Flying”   I was inspired to do a collage by my sister, who just won third prize for her fabulous collage called “The Future Just Happened”.  It is currently on display at the Katonah Museum.  I was also inspired by my sister’s good friend and brilliant assemblage and collage artist Jean Tock. Last year she took part in an interesting collage exchange project out of New Zealand.  I want to give it a shot this year.  The site for it is here:

I hope to do a few more collages this weekend.  And then maybe it will be back to watercolor next week.  I hope.  I am planning on it.  Unless I get a spike in my frontal lobe.

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