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Guggenheim 10-6-2013Guggenheim Museum visitors

Floral Wicker is the code phrase The Husband and I use when one of us, usually me, mishears something.  It started when Judy, Mary, The Husband and I were in Belize.  One of us said something, Judy thought we said “Floral Wicker” and we all collapsed laughing.

Well now the joke’s on me because I’m hearing more and more “Floral Wicker”. The Husband and I were driving yesterday and I heard the radio guy say Paul McCartney declared bankruptcy.  I yelled at the radio “Paul McCartney is a billionaire, how can he be bankrupt?”   The Husband told me it was Bacardi, not Paul McCartney that declared bankruptcy.  We laughed and laughed. Now today, I tried to look up Bacardi and bankruptcy and nothing, so maybe the joke was on the both of us.  And I still don’t know who they were talking about.  Jeez!

Here are some more leaves, this time in fall colors.  I know the calendar says it’s autumn, but it’s still hot.  Ugh!Fall leaves 10-5-2013

I finally finished the Guggenheim which I started here.  It didn’t come out the way I thought it would.  Insert sad emoticon here.


It was so cold here yesterday that the thought of working on these autumn leaves again didn’t seem right.  There are not many leaves on the trees anymore.   It was 26 degrees out when I went to walk Kaiya yesterday.  Brrrrr. At least it wasn’t snowing.  My niece reports snowstorms in Anchorage, Alaska.  And to think that just a few short weeks ago I was in the Caribbean, soaking up the sun, swimming, tanning and enjoying the “drink of the day”. (I’m still waiting for room service to deliver my breakfast.  Where is that guy?)

But all good things must come to an end, so I’m back home in the cold, back to work, and back to these autumn leaves.  I THINK they are done.  I used quite a bit of gouache on this painting.  More than I’ve ever before.

gouache (rhymes with squash) –noun

a technique of painting with opaque watercolors prepared with gum.

Most of my watercolors don’t have any gouache.  But some do.  There are some watercolor purists who say the “whites” of the painting should only be the white of the paper.  Oh well, I am not a purist.  I guess in this case the end DOES justify the means.  Or there are many roads to the same destination.  Or, …. oh ok.  I’ll just shut up.

I am usually known as a somewhat fast painter in class.  But this painting doesn’t seem to want to be finished.   It’s coming along, but I can’t quite get the sun dappling effect I want and the background still needs work as do some of the leaves.  I’ll leave it for awhile and then go back to it.   Maybe I’ll have some ideas on what to do then.

Today the heat came on in my building.  I guess that means autumn is officially here.  (I don’t pay attention to that day on the calendar that says autumnal equinox, I go by the weather!)  My apartment was 64 degrees, but I didn’t mind.   Hmmmm,  I wonder what that means?  : )  Now I can hear the steam coming up with that steam smell and clanging that New York apartments are known for.   Soon I will have to wear a t-shirt and shorts at home cause it will be so hot.

I continued work on the autumn leaves piece today.   There’s still more work to do on it.   The background needs work and so do the leaves.  Oh, the whole damn thing still needs work. But for now I will bask in the steam whistling into my apartment and then go feed my doggie.

In keeping with the season I wanted to do something with an Autumn-y feel.   So I started this painting of fall leaves.  This is as far as I got.  Then the work week started and that was the end of that.  Busy, busy week.  I will try and get back to this soon, even if it’s just to keep Bill quiet!   Long work days ahead and I have  plans after work too.   Among other obligations, tomorrow I will see GYPSY on Broadway with Patti Lupone.   I told my friend I was so tired I might fall asleep.   He said “how could you fall asleep with Patti screaming on stage”?  Good point.  Other plans and family obligations take up the rest of the week and the weekend.  I’m tired already.

Today is the Jewish New Year 5769.   My how time flies!   My friend says she is still writing 5768 on her checks.  This cracks me up every year.   The really good thing for me is that there were seats on the subway this morning.

Two of my paintings were selected to be in the Putnam Arts Council 46th Annual Juried Fine Arts Show.  They are “Hot Noodles” and “Strawberries”.   So,  if you’re around the Tilly Foster Farm, 100 Route 312, Brewster, NY  10509 between October 4th and October 25th stop by.

Now I must iron blouses for the rest of the work week.  Ugh.

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