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Inktober shells

Sea shells for Inktober in a 5.5″ x 8.5″ Strathmore mixed media sketchbook.

Lest you think I was swallowed up by a Western North Carolina black bear, I assure you I’m still here and finding my way in a new place. I miss NYC.  The Husband, not one bit.  However, We already have lots of friends and great neighbors and I’m amazed by the beauty here. We just had a spectacular showing of fall foliage.  Interesting fact: I read that in Europe the trees only turn yellow. When Europeans saw an 18th century American landscape showing fall foliage in glorious reds, oranges and golds, they thought it was “artistic license”. (Europeans? What say you?)

This is the last day of October/Inktober.  Now it’s on to Napvember.

WNC landscape in oil pastel

WNC (Western North Carolina) fall foliage – oil pastel in Strathmore mixed media 5.5″ x 8.5″ sketchbook

Today is also Halloween.  We got some bags of candy in case any kids come by. But if they don’t the bags have to go away tomorrow.  The candy is “fun size” but if I eat it all I won’t be. Any candy left tomorrow will go with my neighbor to his office.full size snickers

On a ride north of Asheville we came upon these guys.  Wonder what they are?   Anyone know?  I don’t think they are native to NC.

my what long horns you have

“you lookin’ at me?”

my what big horns you have

“What are you lookin’ at?”

landscape-with-convertible-3-22-09Watercolor on 1/2 sheet of Arches coldpress – SOLD

I was out with my sister one day in the fall and the landscape in NY State and Connecticut was so pretty.  All reds and golds and oranges with a beautiful blue sky. I snapped some pictures as we drove to where ever we were going to.  I saw this scene with some beautiful foliage and just as I snapped the picture, Mr. Comb-Over and his fancy schmancy silver convertible drove by.  I was annoyed.   But later on (like months later) I looked at the picture again and thought, hey, why not paint this with Mr. Comb-Over and his silver car in the scene.   So I did.  And you know what.  I liked it.

I tried to get the feeling of the car zooming by, but don’t know if I was successful.  The car was actually a little blurry in the photo, but I didn’t know how to make it that blurry using watercolor.

I don’t  know much about cars.  I know this one was silver.  And it was a convertible.  That’s about it.  I recently saw a cartoon of a woman’s idea of a car dealership.  The picture was a big lot of cars.  It said:  Red Cars.  Blue Cars.  And that covers almost all my knowledge of cars.

I drive.  Some.  I mostly walk or  ride the subway.  But when I do drive I have about an hour & 1/2 to two hour time limit before I get sleepy.  How do people drive for a living?  One thing that keeps me awake is blasting music and singing at the top of my lungs.  I can only do this when I’m alone.  If I’m in the car with my husband, he starts howling like a dog.  Is he trying to tell me that I sound like a howling dog?  Or am I reaching notes only a dog can hear?

Today when I was on the subway I noticed a poem among all the snickers ads.  (What’s up with all those snickers ads?  Did Snickers take out a multi-million dollar ad campaign recently?  Those ads are everywhere.  Boy can I go for a snickers bar.)  But I digress…  Anyway, there was a poem…a few lines from Shakespeare’s Tempest among all the other subway ads. Which got me thinking about the poem I wrote once for the subway. There was an ad for “Poetry in Motion” calling for original poems to be considered for publication on the subway.  I wrote and sent in “Ode to the Empire State Building”

(Have I written about this before?   It seems so familiar.  Oh well, most of the people who read my blog are all in the same situation as me….CRS…Can’t remember Sh!#! )   So as Jim and I always say,  we will die telling the same stories over and over and laughing at them over and over cause we don’t remember them.   Ok, back to my poem.

I sent in my poem:  And here it is.  I think people on the subway would have enjoyed reading it.   Better than some lines from the Tempest.


Your stature is your glory

I’m in awe of your bright lights

I’d visit the observation deck

But I’m afraid of heights

Thank you very much.  You can look for this poem again in a blog entry about a year or so from now.

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