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Set of 4 Art glass coasters – each are 4 1/2″ in diameter

Boy am I tired.

After about 20 years I went ice skating again.  My brother who does not read my blog has two boys, 6 and almost 4.  The six-year-old is taking ice skating lessons and wanted The Husband to show him how to skate backwards.  So off we went.  I never thought I could still skate but I could.  And it was fun. OK, there were no comparisons to Peggy Fleming, but at least I didn’t fall.

After skating it was off to Monster Mini Golf which is indoors and has black (UV) lighting.  Wow,  flashback to the 60’s and 70’s.  It had great music, a disco ball, and our shirts and shoelaces glowed in the dark.  We topped that off with some ski-ball.  It’s an arcade game where you toss a ball up an incline and try to get it into different holes for points and tickets.  A bazillion tickets gets you a pencil eraser.  At that point The Husband and I had to go home.  We couldn’t take any more excitement.

I am now going to take 3 Advils and go to bed.  My whole body hurts.   Wait, maybe first I will make a cosmo and rest the glass on these lovely art glass coasters that I made.  This way I don’t get rings on my fancy tray table.

The coasters are made by decoupaging images on the back of glass coasters with plain old Elmer’s glue.  Then some bronzing powders (the metallic in the images above – I used gold and chocolate) paint and polyurethane.  The process is very time-consuming but I love the results.  Can’t wait to make more.

When can I quit my tedious day job so I can play with paint, glue and scissors all day?

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