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Patti’s 50th birthday tray

Walking our dogs along 4th Ave one evening, Charlie noticed one of his dogs sniffing around a small glassine envelope on the ground.  Charlie said “Geordi found a nickel bag.”   As you know if you read my previous post about gentrification, a number of years ago we could have found a number of things on the sidewalk from crack vials to needles to…well you get the idea. 

Now, not so much. 

I looked down and thought  “I wonder what you get in a nickel bag these days?”   Or…is a nickel bag still worth a nickel?  Charlie told me it was now called a venti bag.  We laughed and laughed.  Oh, the times they are a changin’.

What does the above story have to do with the photo of the broken ceramic tray above? 


A number of years ago cousin Patti gave me this huge wooden tray and some left over tiles from her fireplace surround and asked if I could do something with them.  I had them in my apartment for a looooooong time.  So long, in fact that I think it was a few years when SUDDENLY AND WITHOUT WARNING, Patti turned 50 and I was invited to the party.  What to give?   How about a decorative tiled tray?   But how to do it since I never did anything like this before.   I painted the tray to match the roses, did some decorative painting on the sides and then had the most fun smashing the tiles.   Got me some grout, laid out the tiles and voila!   Done.  And it weighs a TON!  Patti loved it and all was well in the world.

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