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Rocky Mountain National Park - house 5-26-13Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado – Watercolor on a 1/2 sheet of Arches 140# coldpress.

The Husband continues to tell me that he wants to move out west.  West where?  New Jersey?

But no,  he’s talking West, West.   Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California West.  I say I’m not ready to move out West and what if no one out there likes me?  Like Marisa Tomei said to Joe Pesci in “My Cousin Vinny”  “oh yeah, you blend?”

I probably won’t blend.

The Husband laughs and tells me he will come back to NYC and visit occasionally.  He’d probably like this small house we saw in Rocky Mountain National Park. It seems nice and quiet for him. I need a little more action. Luckily, I check my spam folder occasionally.   For some reason besides sites to learn how to lose belly fat, increase the size of my man part and how to get low interest loans, I get a lot of dating sites.


  • eHarmony (run by Mormons, so I don’t think I’d get any dates here)
  • Zoosk  “find new flirts”.  I don’t even like the word Zoosk so I probably wouldn’t like anyone who’s on it.
  • Senior People Meet Dating (I’m already insulted)
  • Jdate – for Jews to meet Jews.  I doubt they’d want to meet a lapsed Catholic

The last date I had was before some of the newer analysts in my office were born. I don’t want to date.  Then I would have to be nice and pretend to care about someone I doubt I’d like. I’m very happy with The Husband and plus now he has TWO Titanium hips.  Now THAT’S a catch.

Since neither he nor I can retire yet the whole point is moot.  But it’s fun to talk about it.

The painting above was done from a reference photo we took while in Colorado in April.  It was very cold and there was quite a bit of snow.  But it really was beautiful and we saw tons of elk. Ok…maybe with a little time I could be convinced to move with the Husband. SOMEDAY. We’ll see.  I sketched the scene and then used a lot of masking fluid to save the white of the paper.  I then did the sky and the base snow.  As I painted I thought that I really wanted to save the whites and keep the feeling of cold and snow.  After painting the house I added a bit of green for the pine trees and then decided to stop.  Less is more.

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