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Here is another picture of my 100 lb barfing dog.  Her name is Kaiya and she’s 4 1/2 years old.  She hates the car.  What dog hates the car? Apparently this dog hates the car.   I took this picture of her after we drove up to Putnam County. She had already barfed in the car.  Twice.

I hate the car  10-18-09

I am excited to say that my crab apple painting got into the Putnam County Arts Council Juried Show.

Lest you forgot, here’s the picture again. This time framed and hanging in the gallery.  (Not the greatest picture as I took it with my phone.)

Crab Apples - Putnam County Arts Council 10-09

Still don’t remember?  Here it is unframed, but finished:

crab apples - finished 8-9-09

If you’re in Putnam County, please stop by and see the show.  My sister has a piece in it too.   A lovely handmade book.  It’s made out of old library cards. She made paper from the shredded cards and then made a book out of the paper.  The cover is made from actual library cards.  How cool is that?  It’s called “Pulp from Fiction” and here it is:

Pulp From Fiction #1

I find this blogging business is tough for me.  Sometimes I have a painting to post but nothing to say.  Most times I have something to say but nothing to post.  Today is was the former.  And I’m always truly  amazed that people notice if I haven’t posted for a while.  (Even if it’s only two of you.) Today it was Leslie.  She was a tough taskmaster (she emailed me twice!) but if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have posted.  I’d probably still be napping.  crab apples - finished 8-9-09

Friday night I went to the movies to see Julie & Julia.  Yes, I, who for the most part can’t stand movies went to see a movie on opening night.  (I was promised popcorn.)  The movie is about Julia Child the famous cook and Julie Powell, a NYC woman who blogs about cooking all 524 recipes in Julia’s cookbook in 365 days in a teeny tiny apartment kitchen in Queens.  I don’t want to give away too much of the movie since some of my friends want to see it but  one thing I was acutely aware of was the blogging portion of the movie and how the character of Julie was portrayed as self-absorbed and whiny.   Since I could NEVER, EVER relate to someone who actually cooks, I related to the blogger.  But I do not want to be perceived as self-absorbed and whiny.  I prefer to think of this blog as expressive and commentative (is that a word?) of a sometime artist, all time disgruntled city worker and NYC resident who really, really, really needs a break from subway sensory overload. (Not to mention those airplane collisions/crash landings over/on the Hudson.)  My damn nerves are shot.

Ok, maybe sometimes I’m whiny.   I prefer to think I’m just an observer who comments.  Like why, when one spell checks one’s blog, the word BLOG isn’t recognized and one is given suggestions like bog, clog,  blab and blob.  Really?  WordPress is a BLOG and it’s dictionary couldn’t add the word “blog” to the list?  That cracks me up.

The other thing I really like about this blogging business is that I have made a few blogosphere friends.  I visit them via their blog.  They visit me.  I’m pretty sure none of them are serial killers.  Many of them are very funny.  They are all excellent artists. I like them all.

I finally finished the crab apple painting.  Right side up.  Even though many of you expressed the opinion that you liked it better upside down.  I’m still laughing about all those comments.

In a few moments of overachieving I actually started another painting.

Pear or light bulb 8-9-09

It’s a pear with leaves and branches.  (Yes, more leaves and branches.)  It looks like a light bulb.  Maybe it will be the light bulb that goes off over my head one of these days when I finally get this blogging thing (and painting thing).

Until then, it will remain “To blog or not to blog.  That is the question.”

crabby apples 7-25-09

For those of you who didn’t check this weekend’s subway travel advisory, I’ve got news for you.  TRACK WORK.  Shocking, I know.

I leave the apartment NOT CRABBY and slowly I become crabbier and crabbier.

Today it was the subway again. There were no #2, 3 or 4 trains stopping at Eastern Parkway, Grand Army Plaza or Bergen Street which meant I had to somehow get to Atlantic Ave.  (Bus.)  Luckily there is a Dunkin Donuts at Atlantic Ave. where I was able to get a small Coffee Coolata.  I am fixated on Coffee Coolatas.  FIXATED!!!  They do not make me crabby.  They are cool, coffee, slushy delights of happiness for a mere $1.99.  $2.16 with tax. (while the promotion lasts).   And I have Jim to thank for this fixation.  (I have many fixations.)

Jim?  My 6’4″ trim, muscular, athletic, healthy eating, gym going, volleyball and tennis playing brother-in-law Jim?  Yes, that one. He once told me that he loved coolatas.  One day I tried one.  It was like crack.  I was hooked.   So although I was completely inconvenienced once again by our subway system, I had my yummy coolata to make me happy and forget my crabbiness.  Small Coffee Coolatas are probably 4 billion calories and 100 million grams of fat.  (no, I do not tend towards exaggeration – what are you talking about?) But that’s a small price to pay for happiness.

Class today was small.   I started this picture of crab apples, leaves and branches.  It sorta reminded me of this one of leaves I did a while back.  Ugh!  And don’t even ask what’s going on at the bottom of the painting.  I don’t know.  I must have drifted while painting….   I like the purple, red and green but it doesn’t yet work with the rest of the painting.  I’ll work on it again next week.

Time to go home.  Back on the subway.  Get off at Atlantic Ave where I decide to take the complimentary (ha) shuttle bus to Bergen St. where there is ANOTHER DUNKIN’ DONUTS.

Crabby. (and now hot as well)  Got another coolata.  Walked home.  Now ready for a nap.

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