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Rocky Mountains Colorado April 2013Rocky Mountains, Colorado – Watercolor on 1/4 Arches  140 # cold press

Two weeks ago the Husband and I took a trip to Denver to attend the opening of Sense and Sensibility, The Musical at the Denver Center Theatre Company. My sister, Alice the overachiever, is co-producing this show and I am happy to report that the opening was a grand success and the reviews were all fabulous! (Yay Alice!)  The play is based on Jane Austen’s book and I was thrilled to see some people attend the show in full Regency costume.  Oh those Jane Austen people.  If you’re in the area, don’t miss it!

We also got to experience three, count ’em three, seasons in one week in Denver.  We arrived to a balmy mid-seventies day only to find the temperature drop dramatically and the wind pick up. And then it started to snow.   I wore my winter silks thermal underwear more that one week than the whole winter in NYC.  Ok,  that may have been too much information regarding my underwear, but still…baby it was cold outside.  It slowly warmed up again and we got outta there just in time.  Denver got three more feet of snow right after we left.

When not attending theatre openings we ventured out into the mountains and museums.  The day it snowed we went to the Denver Museum of Art and the Museum of Nature and Science.  We were also able to visit Rocky Mountain National Park and Red Rocks Amphitheatre where my brother who does not read my blog chose to do his imitation of Bono of U2 saying “this is Red Rocks” about three billion times.  My brother can say anything three billion times.  He always makes me laugh.

The mountains were spectacular so of course I wanted to paint them.  I decided to try a style I saw demo-ed at the Salmagundi Club.  The demo was by an artist named Joel Popadics.  He only does at a maximum three washes of color.  If you recall (and if you don’t you can read my previous blog post, I’ll wait for you.) I had taken a watercolor workshop with Antonio Masi who can do up to 60 or more washes of color on his paintings.

Boy was I confused.

I wanted to do this painting with fewer washes of color than I normally use, which I did, but ended up doing more than three.  (But not 60.)

The frigate bird I was working on is here.  I don’t remember if it is a “GRAND” or “MAGNIFICENT” frigate bird because I’m sure I was drifting as the naturalist in the Galápagos droned on and on talked about the different kinds of frigate birds. I almost said “frig it” to the painting, but it’s another learning opportunity.  Antonio Masi told us never to throw anything away.  We can go back and look at it later on and learn from it.

frigate 4-21-13

And for a  laugh here’s me with my Peruvian Hat and some shades I found somewhere between Denver and Boulder.  My brother who does not read my blog claims I look like someone looking for the medical marijuana store.   Dude!

Dude, where's my shades april 2013

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