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Chelsea Water Towers – SOLD!

Sing with me: It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

Why?  Because the summer tourists have gone and the holiday tourists haven’t arrived and New Yorkers can get their choice of Broadway shows at half-price.  I treated myself to not one, not two, but THREE musicals!

Caution, for all you Broadway musical hating folks, skip this section & continue to the penultimate paragraph.

1. In the Heights.  Fun, NYC & Latino themed with great dancing.  Yet another American Idol starring in a Broadway show. Sigh.   This one had Jordan Sparks. If you remember I saw HAIR with two American Idol contestants.

2. Memphis.  FANTASTIC!  It has everything you want to see in a musical. Singing, dancing, great sets, story, music and costumes. You walk out of the theatre humming and  feeling fabulous.  Even the Husband liked it.  And I have to be very careful when I take him to a show… I’m still paying the price for dragging him to La Boheme a few years ago.   He hasn’t forgotten.  He has a looooooooooong memory.  Unlike me, who no longer has any memory at all.

3.  American Idiot.  I loved the show, I loved the music.  I loved the length. 90 minutes with no intermission.  Now THAT’s right up my (Shubert) alley.  (Sorry.)

As I’ve gotten older my attention span has shortened.  And so has my patience.

If you are going to come to NYC and want to see a Broadway show, I’d like to offer you some friendly suggestions:

1.   Turn your cell phone OFF.  That doesn’t mean just the ringer.  That means turn it OFF and leave it off.  There is no texting either.

2.  Do not talk.   I can hear you whispering too.  Do not stage whisper to your friend.  “WHAT DID SHE SAY?”  If you can’t hear, get one of those headset thingys.

3.  Do not unwrap cellophaned candy, potato chips or eat anything that smells.  You are not at the midnight 3D showing of SAW IV.

4.  Do not talk back at the stage.  See # 3.

5.  Do not bring your very young children to shows with adult themes.  I went to see Billy Elliot a number of years ago which is a long show with adult themes.  I was surprised at how many young children were there.  Besides the fact that the show was not appropriate for youngsters, they got bored after for first hour and start twitching.  To be fair I started twitching after the first hour, but I blamed my restless leg syndrome.

6.  If you fall asleep, please try not to snore.

I think I maybe a little cranky because I’m going to see GATZ next week. This is what is said on the website:   “GATZ is presented as a marathon theatrical event, with two intermissions and a dinner break.”

WHAT?   The word Marathon should not be coupled with anything but New York City. (Which reminds me, congratulations to all the folks that ran the NYC marathon today!)

Speaking of New York City…here’s another watercolor of water towers in Chelsea.   Hope you like it.  Even though you probably can’t tell, I learned quite a bit from painting this.  For example:  Sienna and Indigo make an amazing black.

Uh Oh,  I’m over my self-imposed  500 word count.  I will be more succinct next time.

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