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A big thank you goes to Nicola of Pointy Pix for passing along this Liebster Blog Award to me.

Liebster translates to sweetheart, darling, dearest one. The award originated in Germany in 2009-2010 and it was for blogs with less than 3000 followers.  Nicola nominated me with this comment:

Carol King who is always Painting, Drawing, Complaining! She just makes me laugh with her New York wit and she does cool paintings too!

Aww shucks.  Thank you Nicola.

Now, I’m supposed to tell you 5 things you don’t already know about me, and we’ve been through this before with the other award.  Since the pressure is on, I thought I might knuckle under and give you a few tidbits about me that you haven’t already figured out from my blog posts.

1.  I am not tall.

2.  I cannot sing, but wish I could with all my heart.  Of course this does not stop me from singing at the top of my lungs when I’m alone in the car.

3.   I have never lived anywhere else other than NYC.   (Neither did my parents.)    I live 1/2 mile from where I was born.  Sad.

4.  I like to travel, but hate to fly.  Thank God for little yellow pills!

5.  If I was on death row (someplace I hope to never be) my last meal would probably be potato chips.  Plain, not flavored.

I’m to pass this award on to 5 other people.   All of you on my blog roll inspire me, but you didn’t take me up on it last time I got an award and nominated all of you, so here goes, in no particular order:

Jana Bouc     Virginia     Rhonda     Leslie     Irina  and   Alice (my sister).    Yeah, yeah, so there’s six instead of five.  Math was not one of my better subjects.

I’m in the process of creating more decoupage under glass including documenting the steps since so many people have asked about it.  I hope to have it all ready to post soon.   So get your Elmer’s Glue ready!

Bad Attitude Kitty on the windowsill – 1/2 sheet of cold press 140# Arches

Jim  and I used to write to each other all the time when he first moved down to Florida from NYC after we finished college.  Then we made a little money and graduated to phone calls.  Shortly after that we got computers and could instant message and email.  We fell silent for a while, mostly out of laziness and partly because Jim lost some of his hearing and phone calls mostly consisted of WHAT?  HUH?  SAY AGAIN?

Now we have facetime!  We can see each other while we talk.  Which eliminates some of the WHAT? because we can see each other but doesn’t eliminate the WTF! when the internet connection drops.   Damn Time Warner Rat Bastard Cable!

I also recently got SKYPE to talk to Martin in Argentina who kindly offered to help with my español!   Neither of us are sophisticated enough to have cameras on our computers, but we were able to speak both in English and Spanish (but mostly English) and even The Husband got to say a few words to Martin in Spanish.  After we all hung up from Skype, the Husband turned to me and said “that’s magic!”.  And it was,  who knew that someday we could speak to someone we never met, thousands of miles away, not worry about long distance and international charges and just chat!   I’m sure there are a zillion technical explanations as to how all this internet stuff works, but I’m going either with the recently deceased  Alaskan Senator, Ted Stevens who said the internet was a series of tubes…or magic.

Above is a watercolor of a cat with a bad attitude on a windowsill 5 stories above W. 14th Street.  I tried to get the curtains billowy, like I did here, but wasn’t as successful.  Oh well.  I like the buildings outside the windows and the composition.

On another note, the lovely and talented Cathyann Burgess gave me this award.    Thank you very much Cathyann!   I was surprised and honored.

So, now I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and forward the award.  I hereby forward this award to everyone on my blogroll.  They are the folks that I like to visit often and always inspire me to be a better artist and writer.

As far as the 7 things about myself?   I’m a New Yorker, I’m not just going to give away personal information like that!   So feel free to make up 7 things you think you know about me and we can call it a day.

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