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Chelsea water towers 8-18-13Chelsea water towers 13 1/2 ” x 10 1/4 inches on Arches 140# coldpress

If you think you’re experiencing deja vu, you’re not.  I’ve done this painting before here. I think I like some of the first painting better, but for sure I like the sky in this one much better.  The buildings are a bit more wonky (a highly technical artist word) but so is everything in NYC.

In the post where I had originally showed the first time I did this painting I noticed that I had done a short review of some recent plays that I had seen. So, to continue the tradition, here you go:

  1. Kinky Boots – it won the Tony this year so I was expecting more.  It’s a cute musical with lots of drag queens.  It was fun and enjoyable although my theatre going buddies did not agree with me.
  2. Matilda – Ugh, I still have a headache from those kids screaming singing.  My theatre going buddies once again disagreed with me on this one.  They liked it more than Kinky Boots.  I was not blown away by either one, but would take Boots over Matilda.
  3. Pippin – I had seen it the first time it was on Broadway, but really only remember Bob Fosse’s dancing.  I went not expecting to like it but I really did like it a lot.   The circus setting was lots of fun and Andrea Martin stole the show.  The night I was there Paul Shaffer, Martin Short and Eugene Levy were all there.  Martin Short and Eugene Levy performed with Ms. Martin in the Second City (SCTV) troupe.  And my friends brought a huge bag peanut M&Ms which of course we opened before the show started.  We know the rules.
  4. Here Lies Love – The Filipino Evita.  It was the story of Imelda Marcos and not once did they mention shoes.  I really enjoyed this show.  My theatre going buddies were mixed, but mostly they liked it.   This is not a Broadway show, but was at Joe Papp’s “The Public Theatre”.  Since it was a much smaller venue, the audience was on the floor and the performers on a few stages on either side of the audience and also in the middle. Some of the stages moved and at the end we could all go on the stage and dance.  Needless to say my sister and I were the first ones up there to shake our booties.

The MTV VMA awards are taking place at the Barclays Center which is a few blocks from where I live.  Earlier today I saw a few of the streets closed off but didn’t really pay attention.  Later this afternoon, I saw many more streets shut off, and tons of people gathering.  What does a native New Yorker do when she sees a crowd gathering?  Walk, nay RUN in the other direction.

My dog was camera shy this week so here’s a sunflower for the almost end of summer:

Sunflower 8-25-2013

David’s Sunflower – Watercolor and gouache on Arches 140# coldpress – SOLD


Saturday,  October 13th was the 37th World Wide Sketch Crawl.  I don’t know where I was for the other 36, but I’m sure glad I made it to the 37th.   I did it with the NYC Urban Sketcher group.   We met at the new Barclay’s Center (Barbra Streisand would be singing there that night) and did some sketches, moved on to the Atlantic Center and then over to the Brooklyn Academy of Music area.

Not being a plein air anything it felt a little odd to be outside sketching, but the NYC Urban Sketchers group were a friendly, welcoming, TALENTED bunch and I felt right at home in no time although a bit intimidated at their sketching ability. I had a small 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 sketch book and every sketch I started was too big! Oh well, that’s why I only have part of a food truck or some of the windows of a building.

In the small world category, I met a “blog friend” who I had never met before. Joan T had come in from Long Island and I recognized her from some pictures she had posted of herself.  Wow!   It was wonderful to meet a blog friend. And BTW, She is a fabulous sketcher.  Click on her name and it will bring you to her blog post about that day.

My sketches were simple compared to many who did amazing city scenes.  But what fun.  They do it each weekend and I have no doubt I’ll be joining them often.

A shout out to Alex Zonis who was the one who suggested I try the NYC Urban Sketcher group and who made the contacts for me.  So thank you Alex!  I will most certainly be going out sketching with them again.

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