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Inktober leaves 10-4-15Inktober leaves – Pilot ball point pen in a Strathmore mixed media 5 1/2 x 8 12 sketchbookInktober leaves with oil pastel color 10-4-15

Same Inktober leaves – Pilot ball point pen with oil pastel color on top of the ink

I just found out it was Inktober.  Who knew?  Teresa, for one.  She, along with others, have been featuring Inktober on their blogs.  One does an ink drawing each day in October.  Well, that’s not gonna happen here. I got boxes to unpack. Lots and lots of boxes. But a break in unpacking is always nice so I figured I would join in the Inktober fun. I can procrastinate with the best of them!

During a dog walk I found these beautiful autumn leaves which was my Inktober inspiration. Not being able to find any real art implements I used a pilot ball point pen for the drawing.  Then added some color using some kid’s oil pastel crayons I found.  Each day holds new surprises in box opening.

When I was packing up the apartment, everyone was talking about the book “the life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo.  I thought I did quite a bit of life changing tidying up. But not enough.  My sister sent me this cartoon today which made me laugh.

Live changing magic

While laughing I went on Amazon and bought the book.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  I hope I actually read it and not put it on a shelf with all the other self help or informational books that I buy and don’t read thinking that if I own it, the information will magically transfer to me.  I realize now that’s not how it works.

But there’s always a first time!






It was so cold here yesterday that the thought of working on these autumn leaves again didn’t seem right.  There are not many leaves on the trees anymore.   It was 26 degrees out when I went to walk Kaiya yesterday.  Brrrrr. At least it wasn’t snowing.  My niece reports snowstorms in Anchorage, Alaska.  And to think that just a few short weeks ago I was in the Caribbean, soaking up the sun, swimming, tanning and enjoying the “drink of the day”. (I’m still waiting for room service to deliver my breakfast.  Where is that guy?)

But all good things must come to an end, so I’m back home in the cold, back to work, and back to these autumn leaves.  I THINK they are done.  I used quite a bit of gouache on this painting.  More than I’ve ever before.

gouache (rhymes with squash) –noun

a technique of painting with opaque watercolors prepared with gum.

Most of my watercolors don’t have any gouache.  But some do.  There are some watercolor purists who say the “whites” of the painting should only be the white of the paper.  Oh well, I am not a purist.  I guess in this case the end DOES justify the means.  Or there are many roads to the same destination.  Or, …. oh ok.  I’ll just shut up.

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