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Art Glass plate

I was able to leave work early today, ran down the subway and amazingly got a seat.  We had gone one stop when the conductor announced that there were extreme delays due to “police action” at Atlantic Ave. Oy. I get a bit claustrophobic sitting in a subway that’s not going anywhere so I left the subway and had a LOVELY walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

As usual, the City is filled with tourists.   And after I noticed that, I further noticed that tourists are tourists no matter where they are.  They stop, they stare, they speak in funny languages and you know what,  they got me to appreciate the City that I live in.  Perhaps I would never have stopped to look at skyline of lower Manhattan or the sun glistening on the East River. But I did.  And it was good.  Perhaps somewhere there is a Croatian stopping to look at Diocletian’s Palace in Split with a new eye.

The “new age” portion of the blog has now ended.

Here’s 3 Broadway musicals I have seen recently.  I reviewed three here.  Now here’s 3 more.  Take note if you’re coming to NY and want to catch a show.

1.  Sister Act – a fun feel-good musical that will have you singing along and tapping your toes.  The story is essentially the same as the movie, but the music is different.  Wimples, stained glass, a giant statue of Mary and lots and lots of sparkle and glitter make this show fun for the whole family.   I probably would NOT pay full price for this, but if you can get 1/2 price or discount tickets, I would recommend it.

2.  Spiderman –  This show, to put it bluntly, SUCKED.   Do not waste your time or your money.  That’s 3 hours I will never get back.  My show-going pal Kung (who sees everything on Broadway and off-Broadway) and I actually discussed whether or not we should leave at intermission.  We decided to stay in case “something happened” and indeed it did. Spidey missed a connection whilst flying over the audience and was left hanging there.  A disembodied voice told us there were technical difficulties, the  actors singing on stage just walked off and the stagehands had to come, unclip Spidey and reset the whole gizmo flying thing.  I’m sorry, but when people are paying over $100 per ticket (not me, but that’s what they go for) I expect a professional performance.  The whole rest of it sucked too.  SKIP SPIDERMAN!

3.  The Book of Mormon –  The hottest ticket on Broadway.  I laughed, I cried and I ran out and bought secret underwear.  It was completely rude, crude, vulgar and absolutely fabulous.  Ben Brantley said it way better than I:    DO NOT BRING THE KIDS!   And if you are sensitive to foul language & obscene gestures this may not be the show for you.  But it most certainly was the show for me.  LOVED IT!

This concludes the public service portion of this post.

The piece above was another plate in a series I did.   I am currently working on more coasters like the ones I did here.  I really do enjoy making these although they are extremely time-consuming.

I’ll end with a few pictures from Croatia.  (The Husband took close to 900 photos and I took over 1,000.  We are still sorting through them!)

Garlic and Peppers in the Market

The walled “Old Town” of Dubrovnik

Plitvice Lakes

The crystal clear blue water of the Adriatic!

Decoupaged image, bronzing powders and paint on the back of a clear glass dinner plate

Recently Charlie and Liz’s son Chris was telling me about his new job as a manager at a “Green” cleaning company.  These are all the rage.  As a manager he goes to different locations to price out jobs as well as check on the cleaning crews. Most of his jobs are just regular cleaning gigs, but a few were kind of gross…from cleaning up after a hoarder with a dead cat under all her junk to cleaning up a location where someone had died.   NOT of natural causes.

While I’m all for green cleaning when it comes to blood spatter or pet remains I say give me bleach and keep it coming. Which reminds me of an old Seinfeld joke.  He spoke about a TV ad for a laundry detergent and how the ad claimed it could get blood out of a shirt.  His comment was “if you need to worry about getting blood out of your shirt perhaps laundry isn’t your biggest problem”.

Oh how Jerry made me laugh.

There is a family down the block who we think are hoarders.  When Charlie and I are doing the late walk and someone comes in or out of that house we peek inside and marvel at the stacks of stuff.  Charlie wondered if they were really hoarders or just have really bad decorating taste?  Do they think a used shopping bag makes a really nice table accessory? I guess we will never know.  I have a feeling we won’t be invited in anytime soon.  No room.

The plate above is one of 6 that I did, each with a different flower or group of flowers.  Unfortunately photographing glass is difficult for me.  The background has metallic bronzing powder in golds and greens and then was painted with a cream color with a final coat of polyurethane.   If I can get some good pictures of the rest I’ll post them.   You can see the other glass pieces I did here.  I think those photographed better because of the darker background.   Since it’s clear glass on the top and the image, paint and metallic powder is all on the back you can actually eat off them.  Cleaning is easy, just hand wash.  Try not to get blood on them.

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