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A big thank you goes to Nicola of Pointy Pix for passing along this Liebster Blog Award to me.

Liebster translates to sweetheart, darling, dearest one. The award originated in Germany in 2009-2010 and it was for blogs with less than 3000 followers.  Nicola nominated me with this comment:

Carol King who is always Painting, Drawing, Complaining! She just makes me laugh with her New York wit and she does cool paintings too!

Aww shucks.  Thank you Nicola.

Now, I’m supposed to tell you 5 things you don’t already know about me, and we’ve been through this before with the other award.  Since the pressure is on, I thought I might knuckle under and give you a few tidbits about me that you haven’t already figured out from my blog posts.

1.  I am not tall.

2.  I cannot sing, but wish I could with all my heart.  Of course this does not stop me from singing at the top of my lungs when I’m alone in the car.

3.   I have never lived anywhere else other than NYC.   (Neither did my parents.)    I live 1/2 mile from where I was born.  Sad.

4.  I like to travel, but hate to fly.  Thank God for little yellow pills!

5.  If I was on death row (someplace I hope to never be) my last meal would probably be potato chips.  Plain, not flavored.

I’m to pass this award on to 5 other people.   All of you on my blog roll inspire me, but you didn’t take me up on it last time I got an award and nominated all of you, so here goes, in no particular order:

Jana Bouc     Virginia     Rhonda     Leslie     Irina  and   Alice (my sister).    Yeah, yeah, so there’s six instead of five.  Math was not one of my better subjects.

I’m in the process of creating more decoupage under glass including documenting the steps since so many people have asked about it.  I hope to have it all ready to post soon.   So get your Elmer’s Glue ready!

Museum columns WIP on approx. 9×12 Arches 140lb cold press

I’m working on a new technique taught by one of my wonderful teachers, Joan Iaconetti.  It’s all about painting more loosely, applying thick paint, spraying it with water, letting it run, drip, whatever. Go back and paint some more.

Spray. Blot. Drip, Dry.

Working on this painting sounds very much like a laundry commercial.   My laundry should be as much fun.   Luckily I was banned from doing the laundry many years ago by the Husband after I turned a few pairs of his white boxer-briefs a lovely, non-NYPD, pink.   Can’t change in the locker room with pink briefs.  Lucky for me the Husband is EXCELLENT at doing laundry.  And don’t even get me started on his folding abilities.  Every once in a while when he’s folding t-shirts while watching the hockey game he will call me over, show me some of the folds and then tell me to be careful just as he pretends he got the equivalent of a paper cut.   Oh he is amusing that Husband!

I’m enjoying this style of painting and hope to be posting more.  I used mostly paynes gray and at the very end added a bit of raw sienna and some phthalo blue.

Croatian street with bike and laundry – watercolor on Arches 140# coldpress

Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in our part of the world!   But that didn’t stop me from spending the short daylight hours partaking in all the holiday baked goods that were brought into the office.   Cookie exchanges, brownies, cannoli…you name it, someone brought it to work.  And what is that word that two-year olds know so well and I apparently have completely forgotten?  It’s “No”.  Would you like to try some brownies?  No!  Um, Why I’d LOVE some…and so it goes.

As I pack on the pounds, I look forward to the days starting to get longer…even if it’s just a minute a day. (It is.) I’ll take it.  When I get up, it’s dark. When I leave for work it’s dark.  When I leave the office, it’s dark.  And all I want to do is eat comfort food and sleep.   It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

My dog walking pal Charlie recently told me that he ate so many sweets in one day his pancreas secreted enough insulin for a third world nation.

A long time ago, a doctor told me my pancreas was “tired”.  That was his way of telling me I had type-two diabetes.  My mother told me it was because I was fat.  She was a lovely woman.  She also told me “feet are never clean”.

Whatever you celebrate during this time of year, may it be happy, merry and not too fattening.

The above watercolor was loosely based on a Croatian street scene.  More narrow roads, hanging laundry and mysterious doorways.  Right up my alley!

Saturday’s require me to be upstate to clean out my mom’s condo with the siblings.   When Alice told me she wouldn’t be available until about noon because she and her youngest son, Jack, 18, were taking a drawing class together I decided to get in on the action.  Our homework last week was to do a drawing of a dog or cat.  Of course we chose to draw our dogs.  I drew Kaiya, the barfing dog who hates the car and they drew their dog Angus aka “Gus”.  Here are the results:


Here’s Alice’s drawing of Gus The Golden Retriever:


And here’s Jack’s drawing of Gus as a puppy:

Puppy Gus

The class has been great fun for the three of us.  It makes Saturday’s task of cleaning out the condo much easier after two hours of drawing.

On another note, this morning on “Sunday Morning” there was a story of a woman who did a “painting” of The Last Supper using dryer lint!  WHAT?  Were they kidding?

Sadly, they were not.

And she had big plans for more pieces of lint art.  Bigger, Bolder, Lintier pieces of lint art.   While I laughed and laughed while watching the segment, this lint artist had the last laugh when they reported that she had sold the Dryer Lint Last Supper for $12,000.   That shut me up as I ran to the dryer to clean out the lint trap.

I was recently told that anesthesia can stay in one’s system for 6 months. No wonder I’m so tired after having two surgeries within 2 months.  I’m sure the turkey and lasagna from yesterday has nothing to do with it. We had a yummy meal, but of course it was all too much food! Today’s one of those days to hang around and watch TV. Instead family is coming to visit, so I’m going to have to clean. Here’s a picture of some of my summer blouses hanging to dry in the bathroom.

roygbiv.jpgI used to wear only black, but now have brightened up my summer wardrobe with colors. Probably because in the summer black is HOT and as I get older I’m getting hotter! And not the way I would like to be hotter! Oh well, back to cleaning. I will work on a watercolor tomorrow.

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