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Decoupage under 7″ round glass plates

I’ve been working on some more decoupage under glass pieces.  I’ve posted about it before and even had some step by step instructions posted on this blog here Part One and here Part two.

Nicola was interested until she read all the steps and then told me she found it too fussy.  Which it is. But it’s also relaxing.  At least for me.  Part of the process anyway.  The cutting of the paper is very relaxing, particularly if it’s “lacy”.   It can put me in an altered state.  Like Candy Crush.   Then comes the gluing, and cleaning the glue which requires a few things I don’t have.  Patience and a delicate touch.

All the work is done from the back of the glass.  Gluing, cleaning off the glue, metallic and bronzing, (that’s the shiny stuff on the glass pieces above), painting the background, bronzing the back and finally applying polyurethane.  The pieces are actually food safe because the front is just plain glass.  You just can’t soak the pieces or put them in a dishwasher.

On a different topic, Sunday is not only Father’s Day in the U.S. (happy father’s day to all you dads!), it’s also the first day of summer and most importantly the 10th anniversary of my dog coming home.  We picked her up from the shelter on June 21st when she was 12 weeks.  Now The Husband and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary with her.  I’m sure there will be a special treat for her that day.

Maybe I can serve it to her on a lovely decoupaged glass plate!

Kaiya June 2015