Trade winds Feb. 2015Tradewinds – watercolor on 140# coldpress  Approx. 9 x 12 SOLD

You know how now with email or Facebook if you look anything up THE NEXT SECOND ads begin to appear in the sidebar for what you just looked up.  Write an email that your roof leaks to your friend and next thing you know roofing ads start appearing in the sidebar of your email.   I wrote about it here.   Today I received an email from my sister and Google asked me if I wanted to translate it into Afrikaans.  Huh?  Afrikaans?  What’s up with that? It was an email she sent me with pictures of her neighbor’s two dogs “Tucker” and “Glacier”.  Maybe Tucker and Glacier mean something in Afrikaans and Google wanted to know if it should translate? Big Brother is always watching…and listening…and translating into Afrikaans!

I was inspired by Rhonda Carpenter to do an abstract piece.  This is what came from my brush.  I was pleased.  My sister said she liked it too.  Although she texted it to me.  She didn’t email it. Otherwise Google would then be showing me ads for boats or sea food restaurants.