sunflowers and statice FINISHED 9-7-2014
Sunflowers and Statice – watercolor on 1/2 sheet of 140# Arches coldpress

I haven’t posted lately because I have iron-poor blood.  So said my doctor, but once again, I didn’t need no doctor to tell me I was anemic. When my iron goes too low I crave olives.  CRAVE THEM.  MUST HAVE OLIVES!!!

The Husband HATES olives so when I’m going for the jar he runs for the hills.  (And when I say hills I mean out of the kitchen.  You can’t run that far in my apartment.)

She (The doctor) also told me my blood sugar is too high which I also knew.  Why do I pay these doctors? I have accurately diagnosed myself more often than not.  Just call me Dr. House.

High sugar and low iron = me being tired.  All the time tired.  Even more tired than I usually am, which is a lot.

Oh well, no one wants to hear me complain, even though this blog IS titled “Drawing, Painting, Complaining” so it’s not like you didn’t know what you were getting into.  🙂

I was finally able to finish this painting even though I needed a lot of naps during the painting process.  In fact, I need a nap now.  Thanks for stopping by zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.