I have no painting or drawing to show today.  It is because I suck. I’ve been working on a cityscape for a few weeks and I finally realized today it needs to go in the trash. I told the Husband I was going to quit painting. He responded “yeah, you suck”.   “Stop painting.”  I hate when he agrees with me. (He has a PhD in sarcasm so I knew not to take him seriously.)

View from the roof 1

It is the end of the 4th of July 3-day weekend. I was lucky enough to get to go up to my friend’s roof for the Macy’s fireworks. She lives in Brooklyn Heights and since the fireworks were moved back to the East River we had an amazing, unobstructed view.

I was feeling patriotic so I wore my red shoes with my stars and stripes socks:

patriotic footwear


Finally the sky got dark and the lights of the City shone brightly and the fireworks began.  It was a spectacular show.

Night view

And the rockets red glare

And for no reason, here is a woman walking her chickens.  On leashes.  I wonder if this qualifies them to be “free range”? How can you not love NY?

Women walking her chickens on leases