fruit seller wip 3-30-2014Fruit Seller WIP 

Jim's purple flowers 3-30-2014Jim’s Purple Flowers

Nothing to see here is how I feel about the above works in progress.  They either need more work or I should just start again.  Nothing to see here is also what the cops will always tell a crowd as it gathers to see what’s going on at a crime scene.  The Husband used to tell me when he was on patrol that when he told people there was “nothing to see here” they wouldn’t believe him.  So he would tell them “triple homicide” and they walked away happy.  People are strange.

In the people are strange category I wanted to share the two photos below.  One is of stuffed animals imprisoned in a window.  These stuffed animals have been in this building’s window for as long as I can remember and I’m ready to start a “free the stuffed animals of Carroll Street” fund to see if we can get them out.  I find them a bit creepy. I can hear them screaming “help us” and “get us outta here”, can’t you?

Stuffed animals in jail 3-2014


The photo below was taken during one of my dog walks.  I wondered if there had been a lovers’ quarrel and someone would come home later to find their clothes on the sidewalk.

clothes on the street 3-2014

I guess I’m wrong. There’s always something to see.  At least in the streets of  NYC!