Tomatoes Nov.2013

And let’s face it, I say tomato too.   If I said ToMAHto, I’d deserve a beat down cause really, no one says TOMAHTO unless you’re a pretentious jerk.   Or a Brit and if you’re a Brit of course you get a pass.

Tomahtoes Nov.2013

Speaking of tomatoes I had some that were about to go into the Husband’s salad and a few clementines that should have already been consumed 3 days ago. I had some scrap paper, one was a piece of Arches 140# hot press and one was a piece of 300# cold press.  And I had the urge to try painting without drawing.  Add those together and you get a couple of watercolor “salads” shown above. I wasn’t crazy about using either the hot press or the 300 lb paper.  It was the first time for me using these papers and I suppose I just have to get used to them.

I’m happy to report that the tomatoes finally went into an avocado and tomato salad.  The clementines, on the other hand are still just sitting there looking sad.

Now, can we talk about this new trend using “because” as a preposition? Because stupid.