misty landscape 6-9-13

Last night I took a special basic beginner yoga workshop at a local yoga studio.  I was the oldest person in the class. I cannot move today.  I’m already on my second dose of ibuprofen.  They have yoga classes for kids and pregnant women, why not for people who have AARP cards?  You know,  older, stiffer, heavier people, not those 20 year olds with no body fat.  Really, what do they need yoga for?

Not long ago I also took another basic yoga class at my gym.  That one was a little easier, but  so far I’m not feeling the so called benefits.  However, I am stubborn and will continue until I can walk down a flight of stairs on my hands with my feet behind my head.  Or die trying.  (If anyone wants to offer odds, I’d suggest go with the “die trying” as the safer bet.)

I told my friend about the class and she said she liked the yoga part but didn’t like all the woo-woo stuff that goes with it. Bring your chi up through your center and breathe.”   My friend says “leave my chi alone.  Nothing to chi here!”

I laughed.  But I like the woo-woo stuff.  I don’t necessarily believe it, but I want to (just like I want to like yoga).   For the woo-woo stuff I watch the TV show LonG Island Medium (The “G” is hard if you live on LonGIsland!)  Besides the over-styled, over hair sprayed hair and those fake nails, what fascinates me here is a woman who says she’s a medium (a person who can communicate with the “other side” or dead people.)  She does a reading and when she tells someone something like “Spirit is telling me you just ironed your dead husband’s shirt” and the person says yes, Theresa, the Long Island Medium will SCREAM “SHUT UP!”  and be more surprised than her client. Why is she surprised?   She does this for a living.  I’m confused.

Have you ever been to a medium?   I’ve only been to larges.  (That was a super-bad joke, sorry.)

The Husband is still talking about moving out west.  In preparation, I’m still doing paintings of mountains and trees.  Although the top row looks a little like a skyline to me.  You can take the girl out of the city….

This is a work in progress.   I did some washes and will go back and define some of the trees and see if I can get some mist going in the trees as well.  Stay tuned.

I finished the sea lion on the rocks painting from the previous post which you can see here.