Church window wip 5-19-13

Where have I been? probably no one’s been asking.   That’s ok.  I’m gonna tell you anyway. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but titanium is the Husband’s.

My husband had his second total hip replacement this week.  It was on the other hip, but I didn’t get a picture of the x-ray so I’m re-posting the one from 2008.  Just imagine the exact same thing on the other side.  It was done at the Hospital for Special Surgery formerly known as the Hospital for the Ruptured and Crippled. I am not making that up. It is an amazing hospital rated #1 in the US for orthopedics and is the place to go if you need this sort of surgery.

I stayed at my friend Judy’s whilst The Husband was in the hospital since HSS is practically in the East River (which is really a tidal basin and not a river) and I had to take the 6 train to get there. The 6 is ALWAYS crowded.  (2nd Ave. subway, oh when will you be finished?) And Judy lived closer to the hospital.

Normally I stare at the brick buildings across the street from my apartment. But I had views galore this week.  In the hospital it was a view of the 59th Street Bridge   (a/k/a Queensborough Bridge) which Simon and Garfunkel sang about while feeling groovy. And at Judy’s I had a wonderful view which I painted here.

Me at Judy's 5-15-13        Matt's view 5-14-13

I did get to do a little painting and worked more on the church window.