Sandy Sea Lion 3-17-2013Sandy sea lion – Galapagos on 140# Arches coldpress  SOLD

My niece called me last week and asked me if I wanted to go to a meditation class.  Of course I said yes.  I need me some meditation to get over my anxiety.  So we went to Tibet House on W. 15th Street in Manhattan.  The woman leading the class had studied meditation in India since the mid-70’s.   As she talked I was relaxed and started to nod off a little since this was a weeknight.  Finally she said we would start the meditation and to close our eyes and focus on our breath.   THE SECOND the meditation started, I couldn’t sit still.  My ankle hurt.  My shoulder hurt, my arms wanted to flail about.  I was as wiggly in my seat as a little kid in church.   I opened my eyes and looked around.  Everyone seemed so serene.  I wanted to stand up and run around. After it was over I asked my niece how she did.  She was ok, but instead of focusing on her breath she was focused on her heart pounding from the 4 pm medium coffee she had. We did a second meditation and I was a little better.   My favorite part of the leader’s talk was when she spoke about the benefits of meditation.  And how Americans always want to know what is the shortest amount of time one needs to meditate to get the maximum benefit. It’s approximately 20 minutes a day.

Now as you all know, I have had the title of THE TIREDEST PERSON WHO EVER LIVED for many years.  My husband marvels at my 4 hour-long power-naps.   I remember John who was on our Galapagos trip.  That man had more energy in his little finger than I have ever had in my whole life.  I wonder why?   Maybe I’ll go meditate on it.  Right after my nap.

The sea-lion is coming along but I want to do a little more to him.  He needs his whiskers.  I masked out the sea-lion and rocks and flicked white gouache with a tooth-brush to make the sand.  I went back with some Payne’s gray and other blues  and a bit of raw sienna and flicked that on top of the white.  I was going to try salt for the texture, but forgot to buy it.  Maybe next time.