central park bandits finishedCentral Park Bandits   1/2 sheet Arches 140 # cold press

Here are those little bandits you saw in the last post in the very beginning stages.  I wanted to show the water and the leaves that had fallen into the water with the raccoons peeking out of the drainage pipe they popped out of! And they were a lot cuter than the rats we are used to seeing around town. (Ugh, don’t get me started about rats.)

Now,  what’s up with today’s date of 12/12/12?   People get so strange about dates and their meaning.  This will be the last time in our lifetimes that we will see consecutive numbers!   How many people got married today just so their anniversary would be consecutive 12s.   Crazy!   I remember my anniversary and there are no consecutive numbers involved.  My husband remembers our anniversary because he got the date engraved in his wedding band so he could check if he ever forgot.  And now we have 12/21/12 coming up. If the Mayans were so smart, how come they never saw the Spanish coming?   More date craziness:  March 14 is pi day.  April 20 is, well, if you don’t know what April 20 is, I don’t want to be the one to tell you.  There’s another one but I can’t remember it right now.  Of course, that won’t matter if we don’t survive past 12/21/12.  I hope we do.  I don’t want to miss Christmas, my birthday (12/28/12, feel free to send a gift.  Any gift valued over $50 should be insured :)) and New Year’s.

Speaking of gifts, I’m watching the Robin Hood Foundation Concert for Sandy relief.   As some of you know, members of my family were displaced by the storm, my niece lost everything in her apartment, my sister-in-law lost the whole first floor of her home.  Many other friends and family were affected and there are still people in the NY Metropolitan area including NJ and CT that don’t have power or a place to live.  If you want to you can click on the link below. You don’t have to.  I won’t know.  (You can still send me a birthday gift. )