Parking Lot Puddle – 10″ square.  Watercolor on canvas using Daniel Smith’s watercolor ground

Ever notice the names on the bottom of paper bags? I’m assuming it’s the name of the person who made the bag.  I wrote to the Duro paper bag company in Kentucky about the names but I haven’t heard back yet.   Whenever I get a slice to go I always check the name on the bottom of the bag.   And it always makes me smile.

Rudy Cruz made this bag.  Thanks Rudy!

One time I went to the New York City Store where you can get fun gift items with a NYC theme.  Got married in NYC (Nicola?) there’s a gift for you.  Love those mounted police? (Leslie?) You can get an old horseshoe as a souvenir.  Love the taxis? (Frank?) Get yourself a small one to bring home.  You can even get a NYC electrical code book…with updates!  I bet that makes scintillating reading.

I picked out some small taxi baby socks to give as part of a gift to a very handsome one-year-old.   They put the socks in a small paper bag.   I turned the bag over to see who made it.  Was it Hector Rodriguez?   Wanda Robinson?   Sven Cantorini?  Nope.  It said “Made in Canada”.   ARE YOU KIDDING ME!    The NYC store couldn’t get bags made in the U.S.?

I painted this bird standing in a small puddle in a parking lot near the ocean in Long Island on a 10 inch square canvas for a show at the LOOK/ART Gallery.   I had never painted watercolor on canvas before. Thinking that the watercolor paint may not take to the canvas very well I first gave it a good coat of Daniel Smith’s watercolor ground.  I’ve used it only somewhat successfully in the past but that was mostly when I wanted a do-over in a section of a watercolor painting.  Rhonda used it successfully here, although she used it differently than I.

My goal was to get the reflection of the bird, sky and car in the puddle.  I remember my friend Mary Schwalm, who is an excellent photographer, had done a series of NYC landmarks (Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, etc.) reflected in puddles.  I always loved those photos and I thought of her work as I painted this.  I also never worked in a square format before.  I enjoyed it and plan to do more.

UPDATE:   I got a response from the Duro paper bag company.   This was the reply:   That is the name of the operator on the machine at the time your bag was made.