Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – Cherry Blossom Esplanade.   Watercolor on 1/2 sheet of 140# Arches coldpress

I am currently suffering from “early onset apathy disorder!”  I don’t want to do anything except go from one air conditioned environment to another.  The heat is killing me.  And apparently the crops as well.  Leslie tells me that the corn and the soybeans are just dying in the fields from the drought. And June and Nicola tell me they’ve had the soggiest summer on record.  Can we send the UK some sun and they send us some rain?

Besides the heat, I accidently spent some time OWTSIDE in a friend’s backyard and was chewed up by mosquitoes in seconds.   I am scratching like a junkie.   Charlie who is now living in that paradise they call Maine also complains about the deerflies and mosquitoes.  Since right now I’m too apathetic (hot) to write my own post, I will just have Charlie do it.

He writes:

“The afternoon walk was plagued by more deerflies than I’ve ever encountered before.  After a 40 minute walk, I ran into the house determined not to leave again until September.  The insects here are a plague.  I don’t know how Mainers build up a tolerance to them.  Or maybe they just coat themselves in DEET, enjoy the first 40 years of their lives and deal with some form of carcinogenic poisoning for the duration.  When I think about how I hate these things so much, I really know I could never have been tapped to help build the Panama Canal.  

I’m watching The Killing, Season 1 now and I’m totally immersed.  But watching that, Grimm and Twin Peaks has really killed any notion of ever moving to or visiting Seattle or Portland.  I may even rule out the entire Pacific Northwest. Too bad–I hear it’s really pretty out there.  But 90% of the scenes in The Killing are filmed in the pouring rain.  (Side note–I wonder what their mosquito population is with all that rain???)”

I was fondly remembering Spring so I decided to do another cherry blossom painting.  I did one here.   I’ve noticed my painting style getting much looser.  I am trying not to overwork paintings and may just stop here even though I think there’s more work to be done.   I used the usual colors in my palette, but I added “opera pink” for  some of the blossoms.  That is a great color.  And since I love pink, it worked out nicely for both me and the painting.

Our nieces gave The Husband a little gift for his birthday.   It’s a bottle opener in the shape of a badge and says POLICE!  OPEN UP!  It makes me laugh every time I look at it.  You know you want one!